'Who Wants To Marry My Dad?' Poll

Final results

After trimming the field to Christena and Christy, Don Mueller's kids picked Christena for his bride. Check the results of our poll to see who was our readers' favorite.

The finalists



About the dad

Name: Don Mueller

Born: Jan. 10, 1955. Raised in Sharonville.

Family: Four children: Joe, 26; Karla Barela, 25; Chris, 22; Heidi, 21. Divorced 13 years ago from Pamela, who remarried 10 years ago. "She's been real encouraging about the whole thing," he says.

Residence: Glendale.

Education: 1973 Princeton High School graduate. Varsity swimmer. Dropped out of University of Cincinnati after fall of 1973.

Occupation: Owner and president of Fairfield's Mass Marketing Inc., which prints and sells city and county maps. Employs 120 people. Began the company in 1977, at age 22, with eight employees.