Thursday, July 17, 2003

Morning memo

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Today's number: 80,000

Acres of forest in two areas of Texas sold by Louisiana-Pacific Corp., the biggest North American maker of paneling for floors and roofs, for $53.5 million to reduce debt.

Bloomberg News

Today's mover

Robert E. Verst Jr. has been promoted to operations vice president for the Central Ohio market at Messer Construction Co. Verst graduated with a degree in construction management from Northern Kentucky University and began his career with Messer in 1987. Since then, he has worked on projects including office buildings, power plants and recreational, medical, education and commercial facilities. He is leading the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Office Building and Parking Structures in Frankfort, Ky.

Laura Baverman

Today's career talk

When your competition is a mega-company, use the titan's size against it, David McCourt, owner of phone start-up Residential Communications Network, says in the Mao in the Boardroom: Marketing Genius from the Mind of the Master Guerrilla by Gabriel Stricker. "Hit the industry giants where they are weakest: in the realm of customer service," McCourt says. "It's a weakness that has come as a byproduct of their giantness."

John Eckberg

Today's money tip

Index funds are easy, popular and tax-efficient. But don't just stick to a fund that tracks the Standard & Poor's 500 Index. Yes, it's broad-based - but it still focuses on large, domestic companies. Good diversification should also put you in small-cap funds and international funds, such as Russell 2000 index fund or an EAFE index fund.

Amy Higgins

Today's Company: John F. Brown Co.

Flight Plans: Longtime airport consultant John F. Brown founded his own firm in 1973. The company helps airports with everything from financial and business planning to negotiations and arrangements with airlines, air cargo providers, rental car agencies and air traffic controllers.

Spreading Its Wings: John F. Brown Co. is based in Mount Adams and maintains regional locations in Chicago, Columbus, Minneapolis, Louisville and San Francisco. It has a wholly-owned subsidiary in London, Ontario.

Diverse Talents: Staff members bring expertise in a variety of fields such as accounting and finance, business, chemistry, economics, engineering, geography, law, urban planning and real estate.

All Over The Map: Most clients are located in North America. John F. Brown Co. works with everything from small operations to busy airports in major cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston.

Jenny Callison

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