Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Iraq certainly not as bad as WWII

It seems with the casualties rising in Iraq that the Democrats are criticizing and/or second-guessing President Bush about having troops there. I would remind them the United States was in the same situation in World War II, while enduring the kamikaze attacks. The number of lives lost and men wounded from the attacks was horrific, but the United States stayed the course and prevailed to win the war.

If we cut and run not only the United States but also Iraq and Afghanistan will probably suffer. By leaving these countries we'll be giving a free hand to the people who are committing these acts of mayhem and murder. Then, because of our weak position, we'll be back in the position of looking over our shoulder waiting for more 9/11s.

Jim Jansen, Western Hills


Faulty leaders cause voters to be apathetic

There is no accountability in the Oval Office anymore. Here are the six most disappointing White House communications to the American public in recent history:

• Ronald Reagan telling us that our country sold military parts to Iran.

• Former President George H.W. Bush telling us there would be "no new taxes."

• Bill Clinton telling us he had nothing to do with "that woman."

• Hillary Clinton telling us that she has forgiven her husband.

• Former Vice President Al Gore telling us that Bill Clinton is one of the "greatest presidents" ever to serve our country.

• President Bush telling us that he made major decisions in Iraq based on someone else's bad information.

No wonder the majority of U.S. citizens are apathetic at the polls.

Jeff Proffitt, Hamilton


Will Congress impeach president for lying?

A few years back a Republican-controlled Congress decided to impeach a Democratic president because he lied about an extra-marital affair.

Congress claimed he lied to the American people and there can be no more egregious sin by a sitting president.

Jump forward and we find most of that Congress still sits and a new president has lied to us. This time it has cost us the lives hundreds of U.S. soldiers, billions of dollars (which the government couldn't afford) and thousands of lives in Iraq, not to mention credibility in the world. Will a Republican Congress impeach Republican president for the same offense?

I think removing Saddam Hussein from power was a good thing, but I have said all along we did the right thing for the wrong reasons. Now that we know the information we went to war on was false, everyone must ask what did he know and when did he know it?

Brad Hart, Xenia

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Iraq certainly not as bad as WWII
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