Tuesday, July 15, 2003

What's the Buzz?

Contractors' use of firms rewarded

By Laura Baverman
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Hamilton County thinks its contractors deserve a pat on the back.

Those prime contractors that exceeded their contract goals for small-business participation on the Great American Ball Park and the Parking and Infrastructure Improvements Project will be recognized this afternoon at the Diamond Club at the ball park.

Fifty-four contractors will be rewarded for achieving 25.7 percent small-business participation on the ball park and 66.1 percent participation on the parking and infrastructure improvements made along with the ball park. Eight small businesses that "went beyond the call of duty" will also be recognized, said Bernice Walker, director of the county's small business program and the Office of Small, Minority and Female Business Development.

"We think we did a very good job on the small business participation on those two projects and we couldn't do it without those contractors," she said.

Prior to the county's central riverfront development projects, a Small Business Team, made up of the small business program staff, small business consultants and construction managers, was formed to implement the program.

The team created a database of small businesses, organized outreach meetings, assembled bid packages with small businesses in mind and set goals for small business participation based on the availability of the businesses and their services.

The team, which also encouraged contractors to meet the goals for small business participation and document their efforts, still meets monthly to consider issues related to small businesses on the projects.

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