Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Morning memo

Today's mover -- Glen McEachern has been promoted to senior vice president in the commercial banking division at Huntington Bank. McEachern graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in business administration and has since developed 31 years of experience in banking and finance. His background includes sales finance, real estate mortgage lending and commercial lending, syndicated loans and structured debt and mezzanine financing for leveraged buyouts. McEachern is involved in the West Chester Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club of Cincinnati and the Executive Committee Associate Group.

--Laura Baverman

Today's career talk

Author Bill Treasurer, author of Right Risk: 10 Powerful Principles for Taking Giant Leaps with Your Life, suggests that fear is the fulcrum that swings workplace emotions like no other. "When followers are afraid, leaders should calm them down," he writes. "Conversely, when followers are apathetic, leaders should counterbalance with fear. Fear does have redeeming qualities - like preventing complacency."

--John Eckberg

Today's money tip

A stock's historical trading range is the price range that it has most recently traded within. Technical analysts often watch whether a stock trades higher or lower than its historical level because typically, without any underlying changes at the company like higher profits, a stock will revert to its trading range. A stock trading below its historical range may be undervalued, or overvalued if trading above its historical range.

--Amy Higgins


SOLID FOUNDATION: Dick Smith and Marvin Keller joined forces in 1955 to grade yards and excavate basements and ponds. By 1960, the company began undertaking public works projects for local governments and five years later counted large area businesses among its clients. The "Smith and Keller" name was soon shortened to SK Construction.

HEAVY DUTY: Based in Middletown, SK Construction continues to do excavation, but also does highway and bridge construction, installs underground utilities and does mill maintenance. In its near half-century history, SK's employee roster has grown from two (Smith and Keller) to several hundred skilled workers during peak construction periods.

EXERCISING CARE: The company maintains an emphasis on safety and has won a number of safety-related awards.

--Jenny Callison

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