Sunday, July 13, 2003

Lollapalooza: Mainstage acts

Rooney: 2:15 (all times p.m.)

Members: Robert Carmine (vocals), Taylor Locke (lead guitar), Matthew Winter (bass), Louie Stephens (keyboards), Ned Brower (drums)

Sound: So-Cal style and '80s pop - with a touch of Weezer.

Standout song: "Shakin'"

Latest album: May's Rooney

Fun fact: Carmine is the younger sibling of Jason Schwartzman, actor (Rushmore) and Phantom Planet drummer.

The Donnas: 3:15

Members: Maya Ford (bass, vibraslap), Torry Castellano (drums), Allison Robertson (guitar), Brett Anderson (vocals)

Sound: Riot grrl garage rock meets power punk

Standout song: "Take It Off"

Latest album: 2002's Spend the Night

Fun Fact: The all-woman group started playing together as teens and even now all of the members are in their early 20s.

Jurassic 5: 4:20

Members: MCs Chali 2na, Zaakir, Akil and Marc 7 and DJs Cut Chemist and Nu-Mark

Sound: Old-school hip-hop

Standout song: "What's Golden"

Latest album: 2002's Power in Numbers

Fun fact: Jurassic 5 is the combination of two L.A.-based groups: Unity Community and Rebels of Rhythm.

Queens of the Stone Age: 5:25

Members: Josh Homme (guitar/vocals), Nick Oliveri (bass, vocals), Mark Lenegan (vocals), Troy Van Leeuwen (keyboards), Joey Castillo (drums)

Sound: Prog-rock, grunge and a bit o' Black Sabbath

Standout song: "No One Knows"

Latest album: 2002's Songs for the Deaf

Fun fact: The band has a revolving door of members from groups such as Ween, A Perfect Circle, Kyuss and Screaming Trees; their last drummer was none other than the Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl.

Incubus: 6:40

Members: Brandon Boyd (vocals), Mike Einziger (guitar), Ben Kenney (bass), Jose Pasillas (drums), DJ Kilmore (turntables)

Sound: Fusion-funk meets metal.

Standout song: "Pardon Me"

Latest album: 2001's Morning View

Fun Fact: The band will release its next album in early 2004.

Audioslave: 8:15

Members: Chris Cornell (vocals), Tim Commerford (bass), Tom Morello (guitar), Brad Wilk (drums)

Sound: Funky rap-rock with a dash of Zeppelin

Standout song: "Like a Stone"

Latest album: 2002's Audioslave

Fun fact: Cornell was the front man for Soundgarden and the rest of the band used to be Rage Against the Machine.

Jane's Addiction: 9:50

Members: Perry Farrell (vocals), Dave Navarro (guitar), Stephen Perkins (drums), Chris Chaney (bass)

Sound: Early '90s prealternative, post-punk rock

Standout song: "Been Caught Stealing"

Latest album: Strays, to be released July 22

Fun fact: Farrell organized Lollapalooza in 1991 and original Jane's Addiction broke up not long after the tour concluded.

2nd stage highlights

Fingertight: 2:40

Members: Scott Rose (vocals), Sergio Reynoso (guitar), Jesse Del Rio (bass), Kirk Shelton (drums)

Sound: Post-punk hard rock

Standout song: "Bellevue"

Latest album: In the Name of Progress due in September

Fun fact: The band has built up a fan base almost entirely through self-marketing and online music.

MC Supernatural: 3:25

Member: He works alone

Sound: Straight up freestyle rap

Standout song: "Work it Out"

Latest album: The Lost Freestyle Files debuted in March

Fun fact: Supernatural won a now-legendary rap battle against renowned Chicago freestyler J.U.I.C.E.

Cave In: 4:10

Members: Stephen Brodsky (guitar, vocals), John-Robert Conners (drums), Adam McGrath (guitar), Caleb Scofield (bass)

Sound: Alt-metal emo, Radiohead lite

Standout song: "Brain Candle"

Latest album: Antennae, released this spring

Fun fact: Opened for the Foo Fighters on their European tour last year.

The Distillers: 6:35

Members: Brody Armstrong (vocals), Andy Outbreak (drummer), Tony Bevilacqua (guitar), Ryan Sinn (bass)

Sound: Revivalist punk - the way it ought to be

Standout song: "City of Angels"

Latest album: Coral Fang is due this fall

Fun fact: Cincinnati is one of the band's favorite cities; there's even a song about it on their upcoming album.

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