Sunday, July 13, 2003

Page Two power rankings

By Mike Ball
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Thumbs up

1. Sports Illustrated. The class of all sports publications is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Each week the mag will run a feature on the sports culture in a different state. Cool.

2. Pat Tillman. Our favorite NFL player/Army Ranger and his brother Kevin are back from their mission in Iraq. Not only that, but they've been selected for a three-month-long elite Ranger training program.

3. Martina Navratilova. It was cool to see her win her 20th Wimbledon title. Too bad that was more interesting than the men's final.

4. Mandy Block. Good for the gal who was in the sausage outfit when Randall Simon whacked her. No lawyer, no cash settlement. "From my point of view, it's crazy, because I am not used to, like, being interviewed or anything. I'm like, 'I'm just a sausage, guys. It's not a big deal. I'm fine.' "

5. NFL TV. A 24-hour channel will debut in November. Goodness knows it's hard to catch any NFL programming on the tube.

6. The NCAA. In a rare move, the NCAA made a good decision. The top two seeds in the men's basketball bracket will be placed so they will face one another in the title game, instead of a predetermined East vs. West or what have you.

7. Rickey Henderson. This one from Will Clark. Did Will know Rickey, or talk to him at first base? "Hey, Thrill. Rickey like to talk to ya, but Rickey goin' 90 feet."

8. Tom Watson. When Tiger's off, the Watson-Craig Stadler-Bruce Lietzke Champions Tour is more interesting.

Thumbs down

1. NBA bad boys. Damon Stoudamire arrested for marijuana possession for the third time. Darrell Armstrong in a scuffle with a police officer. Kobegate. Business as usual.

2. Switzerland. Roger Federer is the first Swiss player to win a tennis major, so the whole country went bonkers. In fact, Swiss Open officials were so excited, they awarded Federer a 1,760-pound Bernese Oberlander cow. What, did they run out of watches?

3. Alexander Popov. One of the knuckleheads who went to court over Barry Bonds' home run ball No. 73, he's being sued by his lawyer for legal fees. Fees, in fact, that the lawyer says were $23,500 more than the ball sold for. Serves him right.

4. The Reds. Talk about a losing streak, that was a doozy. Good thing is good for a few laughs.

5. The Tour de France. Although it is pretty cool when they wreck.

6. Mike Tyson. He says he hates himself, his life and what he does to other people. At least we agree with him on something.

7. Dominik Hasek. Dominator's return will have a ripple effect throughout the league, and it might not be good for Hockeytown, which now has two $8 million goalies. Whither CuJo?

8. Karl Malone. Granted, you probably could argue this the other way. But try this: In 17 seasons, he couldn't win the ring, so now he and Gary Payton are going to tag along the Shaq-Kobe title trail to get one.

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