Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Tristate A.M. report

Man charged with soliciting children

Compiled from staff and wire reports

A Corryville man was indicted Monday on charges of soliciting sex from children after seeing their pictures on a "happy birthday" segment of a local television station's morning program.

James Madison, 43, is charged with 10 counts of importuning and compelling prostitution. If convicted, he faces more than 30 years in prison.

Hamilton County prosecutors say Madison is accused of videotaping the birthday announcements on television and then calling the girls, posing as a talent scout for a candy company.

Prosecutors say Madison asked the children to repeat suggestive remarks on the phone and, in one case, asked a 10-year-old girl to perform oral sex.

Woman's body found in creek

AMBERLEY VILLAGE - The body of young woman was discovered Monday morning in a small creek in a wooded area.

Police said the body of a black woman, 25-35, was found in the creek in the rear of some houses in the 2100 block of Section Road. The body was taken to the Hamilton County Coroner's Office, where an autopsy will be performed to determined the cause of death.

Anyone with any information on the death investigation is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040.

Four plead guilty to election fraud

Four women pleaded guilty Monday to falsifying names on ballot petitions filed with the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

The women were paid up to $1 for every signature they collected last year on behalf of Jim Condit Jr., who had hoped to run as an independent candidate in the 2nd Congressional District.

Condit, who is not accused of wrongdoing, was forced to drop out of the race because the phony signatures left him short the amount needed to appear on the ballot.

Vanessa White, 48, of Over-the-Rhine; Dorethea White, 28, of Millvale; Rosemary Johnson, 41, of Northside; and Antoinette Feagin, 40, of Blue Ash, all pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor charge of election fraud.

Common Pleas Judge Steven Martin told them to be prepared to go to jail when they return for sentencing on July 28. The women face up to six months.

Boycotters arrested in protest at zoo

Two Cincinnati boycott proponents were arrested Sunday night as they protested outside the Cincinnati Zoo.

Nathaniel Livingston and Amanda Mayes, leaders of the Coalition for a Just Cincinnati, were charged with resisting arrest. Livingston also was charged with assault on a police officer after a scuffle with Officer Orlando Smith, who ended up with a scratch on his face. Police said Mayes was arrested after she interfered while Livingston was being arrested.

Kabaka Oba, who also was protesting, said the police officers used excessive force. "It wasn't necessary to throw Nate on the ground," he said.

Livingston and Mayes also were treated for injuries. Livingston, 33, of Avondale, was taken to University Hospital for cuts on his foot after he stepped on glass.

Mayes, 27, of Over-the-Rhine, was treated at the scene by firefighters for a half-inch cut on her face.

She was released from jail later Sunday after someone posted 10 percent of her $1,000 bond. Livingston remained in jail Monday.

Infant dies in care of older brother

DAYTON, Ohio - A 3-month-old boy was found dead after his mother left him in the care of five young children overnight while she visited her boyfriend, police said.

No charges had been filed and police were still investigating, said Dayton Police Lt. Phil Hanner.

The police report called the infant Sirjon Coleon I. Timothy Bailey and said he was left alone with three siblings, ages 12, 11 and 9, and two cousins, ages 10 and 4, at 7 p.m. Saturday.

The 12-year-old boy shared a king-sized bed with the infant and when he woke up at 7 a.m. Sunday the baby was not breathing, the police report said.

The boy may have rolled over on the baby and killed him, said Ann Stevens, a spokeswoman for Children Services.

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