Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Gloss smoothes lips, but it's no 'revolution'

By Joy Kraft
The Cincinnati Enquirer

We're sending our volunteer Fashion Panel members to the shelves from time to time to test whether advertised beauty products live up to their promises. Here's our first.

Product: Sally Hansen Healing Beauty Lipcare.

Promise: Ads tout a "revolution in lip care and healthy-looking lips in seven days ... guaranteed." The lip pen is infused with aloe, apricot oil and Vitamin E and "feels silky, not sticky."

Tester: Melissa Boudreau, 16, of Loveland, who attends Ursuline Academy in Blue Ash.

Locating the product: "Easy, found it at the corner drug store, a Walgreens."

Cost: About $5. "Overpriced but not extraordinarily."

Ease of use: "Very easy, just twist and the gloss seeps out holes in the top."

Performance: "While the manufacturer says it lasts up to eight hours, I found it lasts much less. Realistically, it lasts about two hours. It does smooth the lips ... but I do not consider it a 'revolution in lip care.' "

Rank: About an 8 out of 10 "10 being the mother of all lip glosses."

Repurchase: "Maybe, but spending $5 on lip gloss seems a bit much when you can get almost the same effect with Chap Stick."

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