Monday, June 23, 2003

Kings clearing out old jerseys

By Erica Solvig
The Cincinnati Enquirer

DEERFIELD TWP. - Don't feel like spending $150 to $500 on a replica "throwback" jersey?

If you want vintage Kings Schools jerseys, you can get them for a couple of dollars.

Kings athletic teams are going to start selling used jerseys, bags and equipment during the teams' summer camps, which kick off this week with girls' soccer. It's a way to make room in the teams' storage space, said Kings Athletic Director Matt Koenig.

Coaches hope the younger athletes will be able to get some use out of them.

"It's a mess," Koenig said of the storage closet. "Over the years, you have to replenish so many different teams' items. I think no one wants to throw anything away."

The school board approved the idea at its June 17 board meeting.

Koenig is not sure what sports uniforms and equipment is in the bedroom-sized storage area, which has shelving to the ceiling and several large storage lockers.

If there's enough interest and memorabilia left, the teams might sell items at the regular apparel sales or games.

"It's not a fund-raiser by any means," Koenig said. "We're just trying to clean out space. If the teams get a few extra dollars for their budget, then that's OK."



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