Thursday, June 19, 2003

Readers' Views: The Reds

Give Phillies catcher a Bengals tryout


I found it quite interesting and somewhat amusing as I read the article in the Enquirer on June 18 ("Dunn remains unpunished") in regard to the Red's Adam Dunn and his altercation with the Phillies pitcher Carlos Silva. He was asked if in retrospect Philly catcher Mike Lieberthal actually did him a favor by tackling him before he made it to the pitcher's mound? His response was "Hell no, I might be facing jail time."

Most Reds fans would agree he is a fine young man with that down-home Texas style about him. They also would say he and Silva didn't have anything really to worry about. The way Dunn has been hitting this year, odds are he would have taken a big swing and missed. I also think Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis should consider placing a call to Lieberthal for a tryout for Mike Brown with our beloved, if somewhat hapless, Bengals.

That saving tackle he made on the 6-foot-6, 240-pound Dunn was a thing of beauty the likes of which is not seen often at Paul Brown Stadium when the Bengals are in town.

Brian Strasser, Liberty Township

Keep background noise out of the game

Can't something be done to filter out some of the crowd noise while broadcasting the Reds games? We cannot understand what the announcers are saying for all that crowd noise. In fact, Tuesday's game we switched to WGN and listened to the Chicago announcers. They seem to know how to do it. I don't remember this problem at the Riverfront. If they spent all that money, surely they can give us a decent broadcast.

Barbara Oliver, Fairfield

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Readers' Views: The Reds