Tuesday, June 17, 2003

With foot thongs, you lounge in style

Style extra: Product wraps flash around toe, ankle

Hue foot thongs don't really perform a function except to dress up your bare feet. The beaded foot wraps in crochet or beaded designs slip across the second toe and wrap at the ankle for stylish lounging at the beach, on the deck or at the pool. $5 or three for $12 at Dillard's, Lazarus and Parisian.

Picture purse: Turn your favorite photo into a 100-percent silk purse, pillow, tote or carry-all at www.lauramarshdesign.com. Handbags have snap closure, interior zipper pocket and bright red lining. Available in assorted shapes and sizes. You can download the order form or call them and send along your photo (it's returned). Orders take eight to 10 weeks. $190 and up.

Bikini Zone: With summer come close shaves, especially for those sporting bikinis. But razors, waxes and depilatories can cause bumps and irritation. Bikini Zone Topical Analgesic and Anti-Bumps Shave Gel are two products on drugstore shelves for smoother shaves and "bikini line" bump relief. $4.49-$7.34.

Speedo Blocket Pocket: There's an alternative for men to storing cash and keys in shoes or under a towel for a day at the beach, thanks to Speedo's Blocket Pocket. The waterproof PVC pocket with two zipper closures and a Velcro flap included with all men's and boy's water shorts can hold keys, cell phones and change. An easily detachable bungee cord hooks on a loop sewn in the water shorts. Prices vary according to suit design.

Checking the UV index: Now that it looks like summer might be making itself at home, it's time to issue sun-awareness warnings, especially since the incidence of melanoma has more than doubled since 1973 and the mortality rate has increased 44 percent, according to the American Cancer Society.

To raise awareness of the potential harm of excessive UV exposure, there's a local, daily Global Solar UV Index that provides an estimate, on a color-coded, numbered scale, of the maximum skin-damaging UV rays at the Earth's surface at solar noon on any given day. The values - low 1-2, moderate 3-4, high 5-6, very high 7-8 and extreme greater than 9 - are indicators of the potential danger of sun exposure. Check out www.galdermausa.com.

Make mine avocado: Ever thought of using avocados in your beauty routine? The California Avocado Information Bureau sends along these beauty tips to take advantage of the avocados' antioxidants, Vitamin E and moisturizers:

Mash a very ripe avocado in a bowl and rub thoroughly through hair and scalp; cover with a shower cap for 20 minutes, then shampoo and rise. Make a face mask of one ripe avocado mashed with a fork in a bowl adding 1 tablespoon mayo (add lemon juice for oily skin) and apply to face and throat for 10 minutes. Cover face with a warm, wet washcloth, then rinse. For more suggestions go to www.avocado.org.

Joe Boxer bedding: What Kmart stores that are left are taking the Joe Boxer style from clothing into the home department with the Joe Boxer Home Collection - coordinating bedding sets, called Snooze Kits, and blankets, pillows and rugs in wild colors and prints. From $12.99 for pillows to $59.99 for queen-size bed sets. At stores and www.kmart.com.


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