Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Academic All-Stars: Hamilton County

The Cincinnati Enquirer

The Cincinnati Enquirer is pleased to present the Tristate's top honor students of the Class of 2003. While most schools name valedictorians or salutatorians, some recognize students in another way. In those cases, the Enquirer is listing the top students and their honors as designated by the schools.

Anderson High School

Sara Marketos, Anderson Twp., valedictorian

Eric Sabelhaus, Anderson Twp., salutatorian

Cincinnati Country Day

Michael Appleby, Anderson Twp., class scholar

Ian McLean, Indian Hill, class scholar

Ashley Zalta, Blue Ash, class scholar

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

Melanie Kemerling, Mason, valedictorian

Kathryn Ashbrook, Sharonville, valedictorian

Cincinnati Public Schools


Victoria White, College Hill, valedictorian

Ebony Gentry, Northside, salutatorian

Clark Montessori

Claire Gillespie, Hyde Park, valedictorian

Erin Riga, Westwood, valedictorian

Janet Brandstetter, Mount Washington, salutatorian


Audrey Sefton, Covedale, valedictorian

Kristen Kerkhoff, Cheviot, salutatorian

School for Creative and Performing Arts

Danielle Wade, St. Bernard, valedictorian

Audrey Nelson, Hyde Park, salutatorian


Crystal Coleman, Over-the-Rhine, valedictorian

Ebony Feaster, St. Bernard, valedictorian

LaQueena Howell, West End, salutatorian

Walnut Hills

Annika Goldman, Clifton, valedictorian

Erin Teske, Pleasant Ridge, salutatorian

Western Hills

Mai-anh Dang, Cheviot, valedictorian

Marlena Brookfield, Cheviot, salutatorian

Withrow International

Dante Pankey, Avondale, valedictorian

Xuefang Lu, Clifton, salutatorian

Withrow Traditional

Sherri Johnson, Pleasant Ridge, valedictorian

Anthony Jones, Evanston, salutatorian


David Zaghlool, Mount Auburn, valedictorian

Raymond Edwards, Madisonville, salutatorian

Hughes Center

Martina Black, St. Bernard, valedictorian

Brian Austin, Mount Airy, salutatorian, Cincinnati Academy of Math & Science

Dominique Ellison, Kennedy Heights, salutatorian, High School for the Communication Professions

Markita Lewis, Avondale, salutatorian, High School for the Health Professions

Renaldo Ventus, Over-the-Rhine, salutatorian, Paideia High School

Shaun Russell, Pleasant Ridge, salutatorian, High School for Teaching & Technology

Crystal Rose, Price Hill, salutatorian, Zoo Academy


Justine Mahler, Colerain Twp., valedictorian

Jennie Timperman, Green Twp., valedictorian

Anna Rahtz, Green Twp., valedictorian

Rachel Bensman, Colerain Twp., valedictorian

Jennifer Schuster, Green Twp., salutatorian

Deer Park

Chris Driver, Deer Park, valedictorian

Michelle Huster, Deer Park, valedictorian

Sam Koros, Deer Park, valedictorian

Alisha Stauss, Deer Park, valedictorian

Andy Wilfong, Deer Park, valedictorian

Dohn Community

Lakeda Thomas, Northside, valedictorian


Jonathan Herr, Western Hills, valedictorian

Brian Meyers, Western Hills, salutatorian


Mikaela Adams, Finneytown, valedictorian

Richard Shulman, Finneytown, salutatorian

Lillian Jandacek, Finneytown, historian

God's Bible School

Jonathan Avery, Mount Auburn, valedictorian

Samantha Kelso, Colerain Twp., salutatorian

Harmony Community

Brandi Baney, best of class

Christopher Johnson, best of class

Brittany Teegarden, West Chester, best of class

William Henry Harrison

Jacqueline Kinnemeyer, Harrison, valedictorian

Melissa House, Okeana, salutatorian

Sarah Johnson, Okeana, salutatorian

Immaculate Conception Academy

Laura Reist, Hamilton, valedictorian

Jean Jaindl, Norwood, salutatorian

Monica Federspiel, West Chester Twp., salutatorian

Indian Hill

Shawn Dimantha, Indian Hill, valedictorian

Omer Ibrahim, Sycamore Twp., valedictorian

Landmark Christian Academy

Stephen Ervin, Forest Park, valedictorian

Jeremy Martin, Springdale, salutatorian

La Salle

Jarrod Betz, Cheviot, valedictorian

Jason Beck, Monfort Heights, salutatorian

Life Skills Center of Cincinnati

(Top students)

Walter Tucker, Tia Thompson, Perrin Ward, Naphtalie Gray, all of Avondale

India Wood, Northside

Diondre Harris, Finneytown

Stacey Longmire, North College Hill

Thomas Farmer, Pleasant Ridge

Jonathan Kerkula, Mount Airy

Shada Stevens, Westwood

Amber Captain, Madisonville

Robert Powell, Walnut Hills

Jason Ingram, Silverton

Leslie Williams, downtown


Crystal Wood, Lockland, valedictorian

Kim McCutcheon, Lockland, salutatorian


Adam Goodale, Symmes Twp., valedictorian

Evan Deis, Loveland, valedictorian


Jeffrey Stambough, Madeira, valedictorian

Michael Stentz, Madeira, salutatorian


Daniel Maggard, Terrace Park, valedictorian

Karen Olson, Columbia Township, salutatorian


Tracy Staudigel, White Oak, valedictorian

Ashley E. Rosenacker, Peach Grove, salutatorian


Anthony Magner, Mason, valedictorian

Matthew Gold, West Chester, salutatorian

Mother of Mercy

Carolyn Maly, Green Twp., valedictorian

Theresa Madden, Westwood, salutatorian

Mount Healthy

Sarah McElroy, Colerain Twp., valedictorian

Rachel Zimmerman, Mount Healthy, salutatorian

Rosalynd Mincy, Mount Healthy, salutatorian

Jennifer Heger, Springfield Twp., top vocational student

Keyunte Jenkins, Colerain Twp., top vocational student

Mount Notre Dame

Denise Brunck, West Chester Twp., valedictorian

North College Hill

Heather Baker, Brandon Bias, Denise Grant, Dennis Ingle, LaTosha Johnson, Shamika Johnson, Zach Mingie, Deonna Mosby, Jena Ruehl, Katie Webster, all of North College Hill (top 10 percent)


Marcus Kreps, Springfield Twp., valedictorian

Valerie Cross, Springfield Twp., salutatorian

Norwood High School

Heather Powell, Norwood, valedictorian

Sally Segrist, Norwood, valedictorian

Oak Hills

(Highest honors)

Amanda Craven, Emily Nurre, Brian Corbett, Michelle Lewis, Kenan Fikri, Joie Bucalo, Jennifer Connelly, Charles Wiggermann, Kyle Knecht, Christopher Kroger, Tracy Heckmann, Seth Reddy, all of Bridgetown

Andrea Wunder, Ross Brater, Steven Barrie, Stephanie White, Katherine Riestenberg, Casey Munn, Emily Cortright, Brian Albers, Stefanie Ward, Patrick Walsh, Emily Lowry and Jennifer Meyer, all of Delhi Twp.; and Megan Smith, Green Twp.


Katie Bailey, Springdale, valedictorian

Mohit Gupta, Sycamore Township, valedictorian

Purcell Marian

Katherine Brodbeck, Pleasant Ridge, valedictorian

Brittany Lagaly, Sayler Park, salutatorian


Jenna Dixon, Reading, valedictorian

Jennifer Gilbert, Reading, salutatorian

Roger Bacon

Jamie Witte, Springfield, valedictorian

Brian Ludwin, Springfield Twp, salutatorian

St. Bernard-Elmwood Place

Chassidy Simos, St. Bernard, valedictorian

Lauren Sharrock, Elmwood Place, salutatorian

St. Ursula Academy

Catherine Hedgebeth, Montgomery, valedictorian

Bridget Cornett, Delhi Twp., salutatorian

Seven Hills Upper School

Laura Gutowski, Fort Thomas, Seven Hills Cup

Evan Joiner, Hyde Park, Seven Hills Cup


Caitlin McCarthy, Green Twp., valedictorian

Jaime Meyer, Delhi Twp., salutatorian


Karthik Balasubramanian, Blue Ash, top five

Brian Gale, Symmes Twp., top five

Christine Lin, Symmes Twp., top five

Christine McMahon, Montgomery, top five

Sara Rubin, Blue Ash, top five

Summit Country Day

Stephen Knoepfler, Anderson Twp., valedictorian

Nicholas Kolentse, Fort Thomas, salutatorian


Sarah Harvey, North Bend, valedictorian

Brett McArthur, North Bend, salutatorian


Brette Garner, Newtown, valedictorian

Greg Van Lear, Anderson Twp., salutatorian

Winton Woods

Daniel Grossman, Springfield Twp., valedictorian

Veronica Sterling, Springfield Twp., salutatorian


Caitlin Wetzel, Wyoming, valedictorian

David Schaengold, Wyoming, salutatorian

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