Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Morning Memo

Hot tips & news to start your business day

Today's number: 450 - Workers cut by the Swedish postal service, Posten, because of a drop in the number of letters and parcels it sorts; Posten's 40,000 workers handle about 20 million pieces of mail daily.

Today's mover: Diana Barhorst has been appointed branch manager, assistant vice president at Merchants Bank & Trust Co., Harrison office. Barhorst has more than 25 years experience in business development in the financial services industry.

Today's money tip: Don't wait until next spring's tax deadline to make your IRA contribution. Delaying your $3,000 investment (or $3,500 for those over 50) until next April makes you miss potential investment gains.

But if you can't afford to contribute that much money now, consider making weekly deposits. Spreading your $3,000 allowable contribution across the year would be 52 weekly payments of about $58 each.

Today's career tip: Considering a career change? Think about shadow careers, that is, careers that are behind the scene and important to professionals, says Barbara Moses, author of What Next? The Complete Guide to Taking Control of Your Working Life: "Shadow professions use virtually the same skill set. "Perhaps it is true that you cannot teach and old dog new tricks - but maybe what you require for a career shift is not a new trick at all but one already in your repertoire."

Today's company: CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services

MEDICAL RESOURCE: Timothy J. Schroeder founded this company in 1999 to provide a range of expertise to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. CTI does everything from surveying physicians on their best practices and sharing that information with their counterparts, to managing clinical trials.

KEY SPECIALTY: Schroeder is a former faculty member of University of Cincinnati's College of Medicine and served as director of University Hospital's transplantation division. Building on Schroeder's substantial expertise in transplantation, CTI has developed a niche in the field of transplant medicine.

TRANSPLANTED FROM CLIFTON: After outgrowing its original location near UC, CTI moved in 2001 to Green Township. It more than doubled its office and research lab space with an addition this spring, and plans to expand again soon. About 40 employees work at CTI headquarters, their efforts supplemented by a broad network of employees and consultants nationwide.

TRIAL MONITOR: When CTI manages clinical trials of medications, it contracts with research centers across the country, which set up trials in compliance with protocols established by the FDA and institutional review boards.

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