Sunday, June 8, 2003

City needs to take Mt. Adams long view

It seems incredible that City Hall would contemplate compromising one of the city's most treasured assets by selling view corridor property in Mount Adams. Ironically, when money is tight, there often may be a temptation to make a short-term profit even at the expense of the long-term context from which that opportunity arises. Other cities have done so, to their lasting regret.

It is all too easy to chip away in what seem like small increments. Then one day the whole is gone. There is a tip point in urban aesthetics just as much as in biology. City Council is the ultimate custodian of our hills, valleys and views, and all that makes our town a special place; once lost they cannot be replaced. Our appreciation and our standards are a wonderful heritage, and I feel confident Council will maintain them in Mount Adams and anywhere else they are threatened.

Pope Coleman, Prospect Hill, Mount Auburn

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