Thursday, June 5, 2003

Suited for summer

This season's hot looks can work for most body types and most budgets

By Joy Kraft
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Bathing suits come in two categories this year: those held together with "linguine" straps (an actual term on a tag) that showcase the merits of teen and twentysomething bodies, and those that disguise physical foibles.

The first category you see a lot of in magazines. The second category, well, you don't.

Most would prefer the comfort of a two-piece - a bikini even - but let's face it, some should not subject the public to such spectacle.

The good news is that this year's suits come in styles to suit just about every body on the beach. There are tankinis, bikinis, tanks, halter-tops, skirted suits, boy-cut shorts.

Even better is the wave of cover-ups, from mini-sarongs to wraps, mesh and sheer pants, billowy harem trousers and little dresses that coordinate with suits to take you from the beach to the snack bar.

"We've seen the sarong before. Now we're seeing shorter wraps and suits with skirts - some attached, some separate," says Laura McDowell, TJ Maxx fashion spokesperson.

"And those little skirts and wraps are great for people who are self-conscious about their bottoms or thighs and want some additional coverage, but don't want to completely cover up."

Trend sizzlers

• Stripes, especially black-and-white with red

• Dainty prints and ruffles

• Mix-and-match suits and cover-ups

• Separates

• Boy-cut pants

• Skirted one-piece and two-piece suits

• Drawstring net and wrap pants and harem trousers

• Brown prints and accessories

Suited for summer
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