Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Readers' Views

Rail use has been proposed before


This is in regards of the letter ("Use existing rails to carry commuters" June 1) touting the idea of light rail on existing freight rails. The letter writer says, "Why hasn't anyone thought of this idea?" Where has this guy been?

That existing freight line was proposed for the light rail to run beside Blue Ash Road in Deer Park, on the edge of Chamberlain Park, where many children play. The City of Deer Park and many of its citizens objected loud and long for this use.

George Mayhew, Sycamore Township


Picture of art piece smears city's image

Our American flag on the floor with a figure dressed as a policeman and a dog standing on it - the Enquirer printed this on the front page of Sunday (June 1) with no comment. Is it against the law or just offensive to our sensibilities to lay our flag on the floor? Whichever, the label, "My Cincinnati" bewilders me. We could hope that the creator, being Chinese, doesn't understand. We could suppose that Thom Collins, senior curator for the Lois and Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art, knew better. This is one more smear on our image, and we are doing it to ourselves.

Lou Ann Novotny, Sycamore Township


Reader sees reasons to welcome guests

The June 2 Enquirer was a joy: On Page One, there was the Over-the-Rhine Kroger store. It continued with an article on welcoming foreign visitors, P&G's sponsorship of WNBA, Newsweek's praise of two of our high schools, more on the Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center of Contemporary Art, notice of the popular Friends of the Public Library Book Sale on Fountain Square and the Cincinnati Opera Summer Festival (and more) - all made me proud to live in Cincinnati and offered many reasons to invite out-of-town friends to visit this summer.

Jean Middlekauff, Mount Lookout


Let all business receive tax breaks

The June 2 article, ("Taft wants tax break for NetJets") illustrates Ohio's inconsistent tax policy. Ohio lawmakers clearly recognize the harmful impact of taxes on economic development otherwise they wouldn't be offering tax breaks to certain businesses.

"The whole strategy [of offering tax breaks] is designed to make Ohio a competitive place to do business," stated a Taft spokesman. Yet if the goal were really to make Ohio more competitive all businesses would receive tax breaks, instead of the handpicked few with political access or cutting-edge technology.

Joshua Hall, Director of Research, Buckeye Institute, Columbus


No 'anti-Christian' attitude at Rapid Run

In response to the letter ("Vouchers could erode Catholic education" May 29), I would like to extend an invitation to the writer to attend a day at my children's public school, Rapid Run Middle School.

The letter writer would find a wonderful staff, along with many parent volunteers, because we do care about our children and their education. The letter writer might be surprised to find children with good behavior, carrying books and learning. He would have difficulty finding a metal detector or an "anti-Christian" attitude. Guess what? Kids who attend public schools attend college, too.

The letter writer is certainly entitled to his opinion about the voucher system, but he doesn't need to bash all public schools, students and parents in the process.

Jennifer Meininger, Green Township


Peace rests with Palestinian people

The letter writer asked, "Since the United Nations established the state of Israel in 1948, why can't the same United Nations establish the state of Palestine without the approval of the state of Israel?" ("U.N. should step in and assist Palestine" May 31).

History of the area tells why. There was not a state of Israel or Palestine prior to 1948. The land in conflict belonged to Jordan. In 1948, the United Nations apportioned the area creating the states of Israel and Palestine. Israel was thrilled to have a country of its own after living on the land for thousands of years. Unfortunately, the Palestinian leadership along with other Arab countries in the area immediately declared war on Israel in an effort to destroy the newly established state of Israel. They lost the war. They tried again in 1967 and in 1974. They lost each time.

The question asked should have been, "Why hasn't the United Nations demanded of the Palestinians to denounce war and live in peace with Israel?" Fifty-five years have passed. One can only dream what could have been. Both nations need each other. The Iraqi people have been living for 30 years with the same conditions under Saddam Hussein. The leadership complains to the world of their peoples' hardship while stealing their money for their own benefit. There are no refugee camps in Israel after accepting literally millions of refugees. Why should there be a need for refugee camps in the Arab world? And with it all, Israel is blamed for the refugee and political situation in the area. Sad, isn't it?

Irvin Holtzer, Kennedy Heights


Nation in bad shape under Bush

As the nation continues to allow itself to be hoodwinked by the Bush administration, under the clever orchestration of Karl Rove, I wait for the time when we wake up to the reality of what's happening and for the poll numbers to begin to change.

There can be no doubt that George W. Bush has shown himself to be an excellent camera face and a powerful voice for getting what he wants. For now, he appears to be unbeatable in his efforts for reelection. Hopefully, it will soon become obvious to the majority of the electorate that we have been lied to, plied with smoke and mirrors and taken down the path of total disaster.

The devastation of 9/11 continues to be the backdrop for any and all the excuses needed to justify whatever wrong action the administration takes, including the trumped up war against Iraq, the loss of innocent lives on both sides, the unjust tax cuts favoring the rich and the continuing efforts to combine religion with government.

Our education system is in total disarray. We have no adequate health care system. The national color-coding terrorism alert system is a joke, and most of the other countries around the world hate us. The country is in a deep recession, the unemployment picture is the worst that it has been for many years, our college graduates cannot find jobs and the stock market lingers in the doldrums.

Somehow we must wake up to the potential disaster of four more years of the Bush administration. If that should happen, please stop the world and let me off.

Richard A. Busemeyer, Glendale


Aquarium not worth membership for family

My family had a charter membership to the Newport Aquarium the first year, and we haven't been back since. I'm not sure otters will have us back ("Sea otters enough to lure back crowds," June 1).

The Aquarium was a poor membership value. With the Zoo or Museum Center, I can take my kids once a week all summer and go to a different part each time. The Aquarium is set up so you have to go through the whole thing each time, and once we were familiar with it, it took my kids about half an hour to go through it.

I felt it was not family friendly because my children could not reach in the tide pool, the one hands-on exhibit. The special exhibits (sand sculptures, Christmas trees) just provided more they could not touch. Throw in the fact that it was designed to not allow strollers, and we had no reason to go back.

We probably will go back once after the expansion is complete to see how it turned out, but it will take a major revision of philosophy before we get another membership.

Mary Lynne Schuster, College Hill


Dems need a guy like Springer

Criticizing the Enquirer's decision to put news about Jerry Springer on the front page (May 25) is just plain ludicrous. I want to see more articles concerning his future political aspirations in Ohio, if he has any.

Just because he ran a sleazy television show for a hefty sum of money has made many forget that he was a heck of a politician before that. This guy is what the Democratic Party needs, someone who's smart, not afraid of the conservative majority, and willing to say what he thinks in a brutally honest fashion.

Tom Bayley, Madeira


Evanston appreciates more positive news

The short article by Allen Howard ("Evanston intersection to be named for pastor" May 31) about the renaming of the Five Points intersection was enough to make my day.

As a member of the Evanston Community Council, I see a dozen accounts of bad press concerning the community for every one good article that finally comes along. Evanston has plenty of wonderful things to take note of, such as a growing Memorial Day Parade and an expanding repertoire of seasonal council events. Hopefully, more media can follow the Enquirer's lead and spend more time on a community rich in history and diversity.

Charles Sambuchino, Madeira


Pregnant teen student not good role model

The accomplishments of Miss Ryan Watson ("Teen mom says middle school graduation won't be her last" May 30) are indeed laudable.

However, I question the wisdom of the Enquirer in highlighting a single, barely teenage, mother for such role-model type attention. Is it really appropriate to glorify single, teenage motherhood in such a manner in an era when teen sex is out of control? (See the Enquirer's editorial, "Sex Ed/Combat the pressures" in the same section on p. B6)

Frank Miller, Mason


Give tax cuts only to those who pay

I would like to know how people who pay no federal income tax expect to get a tax cut. The bleeding hearts who complain about this defy logic. How can children be hurt by not getting a tax cut on tax never paid by their parents?

Please, can anyone explain?

Ed Lameier, Cheviot

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