Sunday, June 1, 2003

Page Two power rankings

By Mike Ball
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Thumbs up

1. The Bengals. Some observers have been slower than others to buy into the "everything's great now that we have Marvin Lewis" theory. But this week's cuts of several veterans, including Brock Gutierrez and Canute Curtis - and now Akili Smith - sends a message. Perform, or else.

2. Mount Everest. Still a prohibitive favorite.

3. Andre Agassi. The A-Train is a one-man nation, now that all the other Americans have flamed out of the French Open.

4. Tubby Smith. If he couldn't be lured by the Philadelphia 76ers job, then perhaps he is in for the long haul in Lexington.

5. Don Zimmer. Gotta love how our own beloved west-side cartoon character tore into Yankees owner George Steinbrenner after the Boss tore into manager Joe Torre.

6. Steinbrenner. It was classic George last week, ranting and raving in the press box - before the national TV cameras, no less - while Mariano Rivera was blowing a four-run ninth-inning lead, against the Red Sox. That guy. Spends like crazy, puts pressure on the manager, suggests player moves. Wants nothing more in this world than to win the World Series.

7. Steve Kerr. You didn't really know he was still in the NBA, did ya? But all the 37-year-old Spurs reserve did was hit three fourth-quarter 3-pointers - he was 4-for-4 in all - to help San Antonio finish off the Dallas Mavericks. He'll be going for his fifth NBA championship ring.

8. Bob Boone. Unlike last week, the Reds' skipper actually placed Ken Griffey Jr. in the lineup following a two-homer day.

9. The Memorial. Imagine, an interesting golf tournament - for the golf - without sideshows.

10. Byung-Hyun Kim for Shea Hillenbrand. A baseball trade with no mention of money. Amazing.

Thumbs down

1. Mike Tyson. There are stupid remarks, and there are Tyson's stupid remarks. He's scary.

2. The Shoe Monsters. Now a 3-year-old gets a commercial deal with Reebok because he can make a basket on an 8-foot hoop. And 13-year-old soccer prodigy Freddy Adu got a $1 million endorsement contract from Nike.

3. The Indy 500. It had the lowest ratings since 1987. Things just don't seem to be getting any better for the Great American Race.

4. Reds fans/talk show callers. Well, of course, we'll just move Austin Kearns to third base. Shoot, he played shortstop in high school, didn't he? Hmm. Come to think of it, if Kearns played shortstop, he'd have enough sense to cover second base on a groundball to first (unlike Felipe Lopez).

5. The Milwaukee Brewers. Someone in that dreadfully run franchise has decided on this - guaranteeing fans a foul ball or game-used baseball. For $36. Oh, the ballpark experience.

6. ESPN. They do it every year. But who really needs a speling be?

7. Iowa State. Larry Eustachy's old haunt looks to be a shoo-in for a top-5 finish in the best party schools of the year. The latest? Last year's leading rebounder, Jackson Vroman, has been suspended after being charged with marijuana possession.

8. John Rocker. He deserved much of what he got after making insensitive remarks about New Yorkers. But it's sad seeing him lose his livelihood. He signed another minor-league deal.

9. The NBA. Weather's bad, but there's still time to get a killer tan before this season ends.

10. The Coca-Cola 600. One of NASCAR's premier events can't get out of the way of the raindrops.

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