Saturday, May 31, 2003

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Rookwood auction weekend: Rookwood, American and European pottery, oil paintings and art glass go on the block next weekend from two of the city's gallery heavy-hitters:

• Treadway Gallery Inc. will have four sessions at Museum Center at Union Terminal: 10 a.m. next Saturday, Roseville, Weller, Owens, Cowan and American Indian pottery; 1 p.m. next Saturday, more than 300 pieces of Rookwood including Black Opal pieces painted by Kataro Shirayamadani; 10 a.m. June 8 with Roseville Rozane, Weller Hudson, Jap Birdimal; 5:30 p.m. June 8, 230 oil paintings, many from Indiana artists. Previews at the O'Bryonville store, 2029 Madison Road. Information: 321-6742 or Web site.

• Cincinnati Art Galleries' annual June sale of Rookwood Pottery will have four sessions on the gallery's fifth floor, 225 E. Sixth St.: 10 a.m. next Saturday, American Keramics, Roseville, Amaco, Zanesville Stoneware; 2 p.m. next Saturday, European Keramics and selected Rookwood; 5 p.m. next Saturday, art glass including two Handel lamps, a reverse painted scene and four-panel lamp; 10 a.m. June 8, Rookwood, including a 20-inch floor vase by Shirayamadani and iris glaze pieces. Preview information: 381-2128, and Web site

By design

Color ideas: Stumped on choosing a wall color? Lowe's six designer palettes might help you narrow the choices. Do the designs and colors of Eddie Bauer, Laura Ashley or Alexander Julian get your paintbrush stirring? Or are you looking for bright, sassy Nickelodeon colors, natural Earth Elements or the sumptuous Waverly prints? All are part of the American Tradition Signature series that give paints definite color personality. At Lowe's stores.

Multitasking appliance: Dwell is a publication after a practical man - or woman's heart - with a contemporary twist on style. The June issue has a rundown on multitasking appliances including a washer/dryer combination. But the one that takes the inventor's cake is the Danby Compact Kitchen (above), a refrigerator, stainless steel sink and two-burner cooktop that's a bit over 3 feet in height and 30 inches wide. About $679. Dealers include H.H. Gregg, OfficeMax and Recker & Boerger.

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