Saturday, May 31, 2003

Fairfield trio take separate paths

By Sue Kiesewetter
Enquirer contributor

[IMAGE] Brian, Kim and Susie Backscheider.
(Michael Snyder photo)
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FAIRFIELD - When Brian, Kim and Susie Backscheider walk down the aisle at the Cintas Center Sunday to get their diplomas, it will be the last time in their formal education they will be referred to as "the triplets."

For the last 13 years, the 18-year-old siblings have gone to the same Fairfield schools. They've helped each other with homework, made friends together, cheered each other on.

But that will end this fall.

Brian is off to Capital University in Columbus where he will study engineering. Kim is going to Emory University in Atlanta where she will be a pre-med student, and Susie to Bowling Green State University, majoring in education.

"We found what fit for us," Kim said. "It will be different. Nice. Atlanta is so far away. I'll be nervous. But striking out will be a good experience, a nice change."

Her sister said it would be a new experience. No comparisons. No one to swap or "borrow" clothes from.

"It will be good. I'm used to them talking for me," Susie said.

"I have mixed emotions," Brian added. "There's excitement getting out on my own. I'll lose some homework help."

Through the years the siblings have gotten used to being "one of the triplets." As a child, Kim always kept her hair short. Susie wore hers long so people could tell them apart.

It wasn't until high school when there were only a few sections of advanced classes that the teens were put in the same classes.

"We don't like having classes together," says Susie. "We can tolerate him (Brian) more than each other."

Fairfield High English teacher Janie Wilson has all three Backscheiders this semester - different periods of the day.

"You forget they're a set and they become individuals. Kim is so vivacious, full of energy.

"Brian has a great sense of humor and Susie is so sweet. They're all so hard-working, so incredibly polite."

Jamie Bryanthas known the family since he and Brian became friends when they were little. He says Susie is cynically comical, Kim more straightforward.

"They've always been real close to each other," Jamie said. "They're all very respectful. All three are over-achievers. Their parents have three times the pride - it's awesome! They got three good kids."

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