For teen job seekers, clothes count
Classrooms are about to empty a new wave of teen first-timers into the job pool. If you're going to your first job interview, here are suggestions on what to wear - and what NOT to wear.

'Matrix Reloaded' sets record
Hordes of fans took another trip down the rabbit hole with Neo, Trinity and the other characters, giving the sequel the highest opening weekend gross of any R-rated film on record.
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Morris' 'Elijah' sure to make Music Hall history
It was during the aria "It is enough" in Mendelssohn's Elijah that bass-baritone James Morris, singing the title role, summed up the spectrum of emotions felt by the prophet.

Move from crib to bed no cause for worry
Leaving babyhood's bed behind is one of toddlerhood's major milestones. It might not cause as much parental anxiety as toilet-training, but it deserves attention nonetheless.

Get to it!
A guide to help make your day.

Racing toward total fitness
How's your Fit City challenge coming? For 2003, I am working with personal trainer Beryl Donenfeld to see if I can reach my fitness goals.

High activity requires careful nutrition
When you are an active person, you should place just as much importance on your recovery nutrients as you do on your workouts.
Fit Bits: Ways to stay active and healthy
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Rain didn't dampen SpringFest
With Saturday's day-long rain and cool temperatures, UC's SpringFest 2003 felt more like FallFest. But seven hours of top-shelf music kept the soggy day feeling like a festival.

Small screen, big talents
Television actors are an underappreciated lot. Here's to the actors who gave the year's top performances.
Photography project brings 'Unseen America' to light
A photography program started two years ago by the Bread and Roses Cultural Projec gives working people - often immigrants in service-industry or blue-collar jobs - a chance to document their day-to-day lives.
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Youth choruses booming
Four children's or youth choirs are participating in this year's Cincinnati May Festival. Nationally, they are part of an unprecedented boom in young people's choruses.
More composers writing for young voices
Children should get head start in choirs
Community choruses for kids
• Youth chorus profiles:
Talia BroeringMark DapkinsRachel LangBrittany Lucas

Music industry 'spoofs' illegal file traders
The adage "You get what you pay for" has taken on a new twist in the age of music downloading. Artists and their labels are pursuing an aggressive strategy, called "spoofing," to beat downloaders at their own game.

Great books, for every kind of cook
There are a bunch of gift-giving occasions this time of year - weddings, graduations, Father's Day - where a cookbook may be appropriate.

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2003 Camp Guide
Find the summer experience that's perfect for your child with our annual guide to hundreds of camps in the Tristate area.

Fit City: Get up off the couch
Tristaters are overweight and out of shape, a survey shows. To change Fat City to Fit City, the Enquirer is beginning a year-long project to get you going on your own fitness program.

Technology news
Our weekly guide to computers, the Web and the latest gadgets.

Music lovers toast Cammy winners
A sold-out crowd of more than 1,110 local music lovers packed Jillian's for the seventh annual Enquirer Pop Music Awards (the Cammys). See who won.

Women of the Year
The Enquirer honors 10 Tristaters for their service to their community. The newspaper has recognized women of distinction annually since 1968.

On the Same Page
Join this year's community reading project.

Early look at Tall Stacks 2003
Two newcomers will join the world's largest gathering of historic riverboats, when Cincinnati's Tall Stacks Music, Arts & Heritage Festival recreates the steamboat era in October.