Monday, May 12, 2003

Fit City turns focus to food

In their fifth month in Fit City, our volunteers are looking at the diet component of the exercise and diet equation.

Fit City details
We hooked them up for consultations with Lauren Niemes of the Nutrition Council of Greater Cincinnati.

Tracy L. Russell, 41, of College Hill and Helen Fox, 43, of Mason still need to log what they eat for three days. Our volunteers plan to fill out the forms any day now.

But Jim Fox, 51, says wife Helen always has healthy food on the table.

Charlie Nunnelley Jr., 26, of Price Hill wants to gain weight, so he's focusing on adding lean protein.

And Tom Quinlan, 55 of Hebron, is feeling just fine after the Flying Pig Marathon.Quinlan (above) supplements real food with power bars and Gatorade.

Here's this month's update on our Fit City volunteers:

Charlie Nunnelley Jr.

Progress: Switched from three square meals to several mini-meals throughout the day. "I've noticed the smaller, more frequent meals really help my metabolism."

On his plate: "Things with protein. I'm eating a lot more steak and salmon and trying not to eat any of the nasty, fatty things. It's not like I've gone real strict."

Sound bite: "I'm trying to gain good weight, so I'm focusing on that. But I'm losing. It's horrible."

Tracy L. Russell

Progress: "(The weight is)coming off slowly but surely. I'm not seeing any drastic results, but it's happening."

On her plate: "I eat breakfast and a healthy lunch. Dinner's kind of on-the-go, because I have so many activities at night. I might do one of those meal replacements. That's something we're looking into."

Sound bite: "I haven't had the opportunity to fill out the food log (requested by registered dietitian Lauren Niemes). I'd better put that on the refrigerator."

Helen Fox

Progress: "I inspired a woman who works at my bank. She reads our stories, and she said to me, 'If you can do it for an hour a day, I can do 12 minutes.' That gave me inspiration."

On her plate: "I do eat healthy foods, lots of fruits and vegetables. But, boy, do I have a weakness for chocolate."

Sound bite: "I love my step classes, and I'm still using the exercise ball. I haven't been to a Pilates class lately, but I do some of the moves at home. And I don't really like running, but it's something Jim and I can do together."

Jim Fox

Progress: "Just because of Fit City, I have been a little more conscientious of eating more healthy things. I did falter a little bit with the Easter candy."

On his plate: Monday through Friday, he has Raisin Bran for breakfast. On weekends, he makes oatmeal - with raisins. "It at least gives me the idea that I'm starting the day with something healthy."

Sound bite: "I think as much as anything, it's just knowing that other people are paying attention to your story, so I feel like I have to make an attempt to eat right."

Tom Quinlan

Progress: Qualified for the Boston Marathon by completing the Flying Pig Marathon in 3 hours, 39 minutes. He doesn't think he'll be heading to Boston, though: He just wanted to know he could qualify. "I've been there twice already."

On his plate: He supplements "real food" with balanced nutrition bars and Gatorade. "I do eat somewhat healthy."

Sound bite: "I might try to qualify again (for Boston) when I'm 60. But I'm glad I qualified. That's my major accomplishment for the year."

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