Thursday, April 24, 2003 -- Volume 7, No. 114
[palmer] Deal almost sealed
for Bengals' pick

Carson Palmer's contract is all but completed, and the Southern California quarterback could be introduced today as the Bengals' No. 1 draft pick.

Sneezing worse this year
Experts say Greater Cincinnatians aren't imagining things: Their allergies really are worse this year, due to the cold winter.

Flower show a winner
The flowers may be the stars, but Coney Island and its Lake Como got many of the rave reviews at opening day of the Cincinnati Flower Show.
Experts talk gardeners into growing

Mall makers bet on Deerfield
The developers of the new Deerfield Towne Center are hoping to duplicate their success with the first so-called "lifestyle center'' in the Cincinnati area: Rookwood Commons in Norwood.

[reitsma] Reds 3, Dodgers 0
Chris Reitsma, in his first start since being recalled from Triple-A, threw eight shutout innings and drove in two runs.
Former exec to sue Reds

Lead inspections dropped
A maintenance program that was designed to reduce the risk of lead contamination in Cincinnati Public Schools was abandoned in the early 1990s because of budget cuts.

Complete local news report

Adopt reforms, Luken tells council
DNA leads to rape arrest
Trusts ensure future of disabled
Human skull discovered in cistern
Attorney: Accused priest in Canada

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Complete sports report

Local runner wins Boston age group
Course of the Week: Hickory Woods
Swoopes to speak at women's banquet
Ohio free to adopt prep 'mercy' rule
High school sports page

    • More sports news...

Complete editorials report

Ballot doubletalk: Accentuate the positive
Iraq: Build free government
Arts funding: Private support still best
Readers' Views

    • More editorials...

Complete business report

Airport raising fee for access
Fed: It's not all negative
Milacron's loss picture improves
Morning memo
What's the buzz?

    • More business news...

Complete tempo report

Experts talk gardeners into growing
Contest win puts singer on road to career
'Minimalist' Glass made big impact
The Early Word
Get to it!

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Showdown in Iraq
Latest developments:

Complete coverage:
Post a message for soldiers
Local news and resources
In-depth coverage from
  USAToday and Gannett

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Knippenberg: Knip's eye view
Pulfer: Laci Peterson
Korte: City Hall
Howard: Some Good News

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