Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Derby Mint Cheesecake will be winning finish

Gotta Try It

If you grew up in Louisville like Bill Gregg, you understand the celebratory significance of the first Saturday in May. So Gregg, who owns Reality Tuesday Cafe in Park Hills with his wife, Traci, has again created a taste of the Kentucky Derby for Greater Cincinnati.

This year, it's Derby Mint Cheesecake - a sour cream-rich, New York-style cheesecake flavored with just enough peppermint in an Oreo cookie crust garnished with a drizzle of semi-sweet chocolate with a bourbon-chocolate sauce on the side.

My goodness. A nibble and whiff of this dessert might make you think you're sipping a mint julep while watching the big race.

For Derby two years ago, Gregg created a buttery, made-from-scratch Bourbon Cake with whiskey sauce that still sells well, he says. The Bourbon Cake and Derby Mint Cheesecake are available now through Derby Day (and by special order other times of the year), but Gregg suggests ordering the desserts ahead during the busy season.

The cheesecake is $4 per slice or $46 for whole cake. Bourbon Cake is $3 per slice or $26.50 per loaf.

Reality Tuesday Cafe, 1518 Dixie Highway, Park Hills; (859) 261-4939;

Chuck Martin.

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