Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Please touch the Charmin

2003 Cincinnati Flower Show

The must-see exhibit at this year's Cincinnati Flower Show, set up for the first time on the grassy banks of Lake Como at Coney Island today through Sunday, doesn't have anything to do with gold-medal awards, fancy table settings, composition, harmony, balance or principles of design.

It's all about the nose.

The three-part Charmin Wildflower Fresh Pavilion engages sight, smell - and sometimes touch - to take you on a sensory floral and herbal journey unlike any previous exhibit. It's educational, challenging and will leave you wondering at the imagination of its creators.

A word of advice: Because the flower show's new site stretches along three sides of the lake, complete with Canada geese honking overhead, there's a lot more walking than at the show's previous Ault Park home. The good news is that "people" traffic should flow a bit more smoothly.

Wear comfortable shoes - an old pair if it's wet - and give yourself at least three hours to skim the highlights . . . a couple hours more to dawdle, take notes and shop.

Joy Kraft

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