Sunday, April 20, 2003

Bird woman has fine-feathered collection

By Marsie Hall Newbold
Enquirer contributor

Who: Lisa Desatnik, 37, a public relations consultant/contractor.

On display: Lots of bird-related objects including art prints, a papier míche parrot, macaw earrings, a mug, a Swarvoski crystal pin in the shape of a parrot and T-shirts.

Where: In the Dillonvale home she shares with her three "fids" (feathered kids): Chester, 10, a light green Alexandrine; Dreyfuss, 9, a dark green Maximillian Pionus; and Barnaby, 21/2, a gray and maroon African Grey.

Talk to the animals: "I've owned birds for more than 12 years," Desatnik explains. "I've been an animal person ever since I was little. We always had dogs, but besides that, you name it and I've come home with it. I had turtles, frogs, a crayfish, a raccoon, gerbils, guinea pigs and fish.

"When I moved from my parents' home into an apartment of my own in college I had a little cockatiel. I've been into birds ever since ... they're so much fun and so intelligent, it is just like having children."

Fine-feathered friends: "People are always giving me bird things for gifts," she continues. "And whenever I see something I like relating to birds, I buy it. Last year, I had an artist in Florida make me earrings to look like Chester. They have really long tails, just like him."

Besides bird theme decorations, Desatnik enjoys buying playthings for her chicks. She has turned one of her three bedrooms into an aviary where each bird has its own cage and toys.

A second bedroom serves as a TV room complete with a play gym for Barnaby and window perches for the other two.

"I think there is something bird-related in every room of my house," she says. "Except the living room, and I'm not even sure why that is."

Helping out: She converted one half of her basement into a home office and the other into a family room. There are several more play gyms down there so the birds can keep her company as she works.

Desatnik, who is single, says that potential boyfriends have reacted favorably to her chirpy trio.

Smooth move: "Men have been really cute about the birds," she says. "One even brought toys for the birds when he picked me up for our first date."

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