Sunday, April 20, 2003


Area's fastest home sales

By Jeff McKinney
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Sold in 38 days: Tied for area's fastestRookwood Pavilion, one of Greater Cincinnati's trendiest shopping spots, is within walking distance or an easy drive. Two of the region's largest and most beautiful green spaces, Ault Park and Alms Park, are nearby. Oakley Park Recreational Center offers tennis, swimming and play and picnic areas.

All of which have helped make Oakley a housing hit, especially with young professionals and families.

The neighborhood is so popular that it topped the list for fast home sales last year. More affordable than surrounding Hyde Park or Mount Lookout, Oakley saw its houses sell in an average 38 days.

Homes in only one other community in the region - Delhi Township - sold as quickly.

Older homes are the norm in Oakley, ranging from 70-year-old houses with German architecture to houses built more than a century ago. Many houses have high ceilings, large windows and original hardwood floors - features that attract homeowners charmed by history and building character.

Even the main drag boasts a bit of history: Four-lane Madison Road once was called the Madison Turnpike when it was a popular route for wagon drivers in the 1800s.

The likelihood of a strong resale value and the community's potential as a growing area for new businesses prompted Jim Price to buy a $145,000 home in Oakley in October. Single and tired of renting, Price also was pleased to pay less than $150,000 on his first home.

Many of his friends live in Oakley, too.

"My main goal is to eventually sell and make some money on it," says Price, 26, an advertising buyer.

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