Friday, April 11, 2003


Web sites for the whole family

Gallery of Greats

Eleven of the nation's top African-American educators are the focus of Miller Brewing Co.'s 2003 Gallery of Greats. Proceeds from the online sale of the Gallery of Greats commemorative T-shirts go to the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund and public historically black colleges and universities. Customers who purchase a T-shirt also receive the 2003 Gallery of Greats calendar free.


American Greetings

Blue Mountain

Beat Greets

All four of these electronic greeting card Web sites have a special link to send e-mailed thoughts and sentiments to those serving in the military. Some are humorous, some patriotic; all are free.

Chomp Inc.

We don't make this stuff up. Chomp Inc. is looking for entries for its first "Worst Dog Breath Contest." Contestants are asked to submit their colorful testimonials for why their dog out "ranks" the rest and deserves to win. Finalists (and dog) go to New York in June, are put up at a pet-friendly hotel and compete for the coveted "Hally" award. Some poor celebrity panel gets to pick from the worst. Deadline: May 2.

Shauna Scott Rhone

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Single dads' ranks growing
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