Friday, April 11, 2003

Potter DVD out today

DVD adds sustantial extras

What did Dumbledore say?
We asked you what the headmaster says next. Here are your predictions.

Did you know?
The next book will be released with two different covers. Find out why and learn other facts.

Potter glossary
Not sure who Dumbledore is? Or what a Hufflepuff is? We've got the answers.

The Associated Press

For his next trick, boy wizard Harry commutes to Hogwarts in a flying car, ventures into a nest of giant spiders and is a suspect in the petrification of fellow students as he investigates the mystery of a menacing secret room.

The new two-disc set conjures up a better range of extras than last year's DVD release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

While many of the 19 deleted or extended scenes add only snippets of action, a few are solid additions, including an amusing sequence with Kenneth Branagh's self-adoring Professor Lockhart and several that put Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) through some soul-searching about the dark side of his nature.

In an entertaining 16-minute interview, Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling and screenwriter Steve Kloves discuss their collaboration.

"She's maddening in the sense that she will not tell me what's going to happen," Kloves says, "but she will tell me if I'm going down the wrong path."

DVD set adds substantial extras
Readers predict what Dumbledore says next
Did you know?
A 'Potter' Glossary

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