Friday, April 11, 2003

Sleepover book helps plan fun night for gang of girls

The Associated Press

The lights rarely go out at a girls' sleepover party, but just in case someone hits the switch, Chronicle Books has published The Sleepover Journal, which comes with a light pen to keep the fun going.

The book includes suggested activities, shopping lists and a guest book for friends to sign. To help keep the crowd happy, there are recipes for such treats as fruit pizza with a cookie-dough crust, nachos and monster-size cookies.

The morning after a successful sleepover, however, can be a little dreary thanks to a lack of sleep and uncooperative hair. The book suggests the following ideas to end the party on a high note:

• Pick out a funny video and eat breakfast in sleeping bags gathered around the television.

• If the weather is nice, take breakfast outside for a picnic. Ideal foods include muffins or bagels, fruit, juice, milk, granola bars and hard-boiled eggs.

• Ask parents to make pancakes or waffles that are jazzed up with frozen blueberries, sliced bananas, nuts or even chocolate chips.

• Call for cleanup time about 30 minutes before pickup time. Put on some music that will get everyone going as they pack up their clothes and roll up their sleeping bags.

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