Monday, April 7, 2003

911 call details

While the attack on Laverne Jansen was happening in her West Price Hill apartment building, a neighbor from across the hall was on the phone with a 911 call taker for nearly 20 minutes.The department's computer-aided dispatch log says officers were en route for 16 minutes and 18 seconds. Excerpts of the 911 conversation and the dispatch log on March 19:

2:11:57: A Jansen neighbor calls 911 and reports that, looking across the hall through her peephole, she saw Jansen talking to a man at her door, the man ordered Jansen to the floor, told Jansen to be quiet and shut the door.

2:13: The call taker types: "Male knocked on door - then had her on the floor.''

2:15: She adds: "Male, 6' thin, BB hat, wht T shirt, (blue jeans) - her name is Laverne in Apt. 4, she was told to be quiet and had her on the floor.''

2:16: The call taker: "Male is still inside Apt. 4.''

The first officers are dispatched at this same time - Officers Kimberly Lohman, Mark Hunley and recruit William Hunter III. The call is logged as "unknown trouble.''

2:17: The call taker: "4 apts - this is on the 2nd floor.''

Neighbor: "Somebody's leaving. I'm afraid to look out. Yeah, that door opened and it just shut...yeah, he just went up the street. He's got a bag. He's a black guy... He's got sort of green pants and he's walking kinda fast...So if (officers) come down, they might see him.''

2:26: The call taker: "Someone just went out of the apt. (Male black), green pants, walking fast carrying a white plastic bag up toward Tuxworth toward Guerley.''

911 Call taker, staying on the line because the woman is shaking and scared, says: "The officers are... I just made them aware that he went that way. They may need you to identify him, you know, if anything's wrong... The officers are probably still going to come there.''

Neighbor: "Maybe they picked him up first.''

2:32: The call taker: "Hunley and Hunter say they're on the scene.''

Neighbor: "There's a policeman now... He's turning around in front of our building. They're coming and they're coming fast.''

2:39: Police call for medical help.

2:43: Fire truck 24 arrives.

2:52: Laverne Jansen reported as a DOA.

Source: Cincinnati Police Department

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