Friday, April 4, 2003

Chabots share name, not views

Tristate reacts to war


WASHINGTON - Ohio Congressman Steve Chabot is the latest lawmaker to join a trans-Atlantic dispute over France's opposition to the war in Iraq.

At a recent congressional hearing, Chabot (pronounced SHA'-biht) touched a nerve when he suggested, as a lawmaker with a French last name, that leaders from that country opposed to the war in Iraq may need a history lesson.

"It troubles me, as one with the surname of Chabot ... to say this, but one would think that the French, of all people, would be quick to understand the high price of appeasement," he said.

The comment sparked the ire of the majority leader of the French Senate, Josselin de Rohan Chabot (pronounced sha-'BOW).

"Unlike you, I am not ashamed of my name, which has been borne from the Crusades to now on by honest, dignified, often courageous and even illustrious people," he wrote.

"No, Monsieur Chabot, I am not ashamed of my name or my family. But I am first and foremost an American. And proud to be one," the U.S Chabot wrote back in a letter to the Frenchman.

Chabots share name, not views
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