Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Colors spring us forward

If fashion's bright, summer's light is on the horizon

April's here, promising us real spring, with its bursts of warm sunshine. Ol' Sol has broken through winter's gloom, urging us to square our shoulders long hunched against the cold. And of course, baseball has begun.


10 fashion signs of spring
And colors have emerged - brightly blotting from our memories those scenes of dirty snow and cindered slush. Serious sprigs of green and splashes of purple and yellow bulbs are taking over the landscape.

And spring has arrived on store shelves. Winter? What's that?

Here are 10 signs that we shouldn't look back, though we know the season could still stumble on a freezing day or two.

Get out the kites, the bubbles. Can summer and sandals be far behind?

- Joy Kraft

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Colors spring us forward
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