Monday, March 31, 2003

The 'Incredible' journey of 'Batam Dunn'

Batam Dunn installed
"Batam Dunn" dwarfs the crew that installed him Sunday afternoon at Fifth and Vine streets on Fountain Square.
(Tony Jones photos)
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Designer Michael Schuster
Designer Michael Schuster of MSA Architects dwarfs a model of the sculpture during a discussion in his office.
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The Cincinnati Enquirer

"Batum Dunn," sponsored for $5,000 by the Enquirer, was installed Sunday on Fountain Square.

Standing 10 feet high and 12 feet long, the imposing sculpture depicts a left-handed batter swinging at a baseball. The form stresses the energy generated upon contact and the strength and athleticism of a home run hitter.

The stainless steel frame, designed by MSA Architects of Cincinnati, represents the batter's bones, and the bats - all 78 of them - represent his muscles.

Assembly was done by CHC Fabricating and Turner Construction. No cuts were made in the Louisville Sluggers. Only holes were drilled to allow for rods to attach the bats to the frame.

"Batum Dunn" weighs 2,500 pounds and stands on a frame measuring 5 feet, 6 inches by 10 feet.

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The 'Incredible' journey of 'Batam Dunn'
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