Sunday, March 30, 2003

Lion's share of good seats still available


By Jackie Demaline
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Still don't have your tickets to The Lion King?

Hakuna Matata! (That means something like "no problem.") Some of the best seats in the theater are still available, for those with the patience and nerve to hunt them down.

Just before the show opened its 69-performance run, the technical crew worked out a potential problem - the passage down the aisle of Bertha the Elephant - and 20 additional orchestra seats became available for every performance.

Newly released tickets are on sale for all performances through May 18. Call 241-7469.

That's not all. There are great opportunities for anyone willing to try their luck day of performance.

It turns out some of the pricey ($131) VIP packages haven't sold, so those seats are being released for sale on the day of performance at the regular price (up to $75).

House seats are also released daily, although they're pretty spare, because they're being gobbled up by the family and friends of Cincinnati's Alton Fitzgerald White, who stars as Mufasa.

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