War in Iraq: Missile strike
An Iraqi missile apparently blew apart a shopping mall in Kuwait City on Friday, escalating the conflict to a new level and reinforcing Iraq's image as a regime without conscience.

Collaborative: BUF bails out
Cincinnati Black United Front leaders never lived up to their oath in federal court and their legal duties under the collaborative agreement signed last spring.

Development: What's next?
Opening Day crowds will see Cincinnati's spectacular new riverfront, loaded with stadiums but still devoid of development in between.

Antwone Fisher, meet Delvar Barrett
Denzel Washington-directed Antwone Fisher was the best movie I saw last year. Based on a real-life story, it depicted how the physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse suffered by Fisher as a child transformed him into an angry, out-of-control adult.

Readers' Views
Letters to the editor.

Politicians say the dumbest things
Open mouth, insert foot. We almost expect it of politicians these days. Sooner or later, they're going to say something really dumb. And watching them try to extricate themselves has become a great American spectator sport.

Music Hall Moments
We asked for your favorite memory of Music Hall to help us celebrate its 125th anniversary, coming this May. Here's what you sent us.
Citizens remember funny, astounding times
Awe-inspiring moments at Hall
Music Hall: A beloved landmark
Send us your Music Hall memories

Education Debate: Higher ed
Colleges and universities ought to be accountable for the quality of the educations they provide as well as for the prices they charge.
Special Ed: Refund or reform?
Head Start: Reading or socialization?

How to contact your congressman
E-mail and Web page links, phone numbers and addresses for Tristate representatives.