Saturday, March 29, 2003

Home hints

Take care when storing flammable materials at home

According to the national fire incident reporting system, a majority of residential fires and fire-related injuries result from improperly stored flammables such as gasoline.

Frequently, it's the vapors and not the liquid that lead to a disastrous fire or explosion.

Flammables should not be stored near an ignition source such as a water heater, stove or furnace. Store flammables on a high shelf out of the reach of little ones and in a detached garage or shed, if possible. Children are especially vulnerable due to their lack of understanding of the hazards of flammables.

Use only UL-approved containers for gasoline storage. And, never store gasoline in a plastic water jug.

Easter lilies: After potted Easter lilies have bloomed, gently remove the bulbs from their containers and plant them outside, 6 inches deep in well-drained soil.

An east-facing bed will give the bulbs protection from winter cold and summer sun. Remove the flower heads, but keep the foliage and feed with a balanced fertilizer.

The lilies should flower next year.

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