Saturday, March 29, 2003

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Sculpture trying to make pick-off play

Regarding Richard Macke's March 28 letter about the Great American Ball Park sculpture ("Pitcher's stance in sculpture off base"): I believe the left handed pitcher in the sculpture is looking over his left shoulder to check on the runner at second base.

Dennis Long
West Chester

This Walnut student earns his grades

I am writing in reference to the March 26 article, "Parents charge grade inflation," and Charles Winburn's report to Superintendent Frailey. The insinuation that school-wide grade inflation has occurred at Walnut Hills High School is unfair and incorrect. Although I cannot speak to the behavior of the administration, as a student I can certainly vouch for the rigor of the academic program. Mr. Winburn states, "For example, it has been brought to the attention of our Union by some teachers, that many Walnut Hills High School students have to take intermediary or catch-up courses in their first year of college... Nor can our school inflate the students' grade scores at the risk of ruining its reputation of excellence, graduating students with poor or inferior educational skills..." However, the few students forced to take these remedial courses are not the individuals earning high or even average grades. Examine the students' average 99.4 percent passage rate on the 2001-2002 Ohio Proficiency Tests, success on the College Board Advanced Placement Examinations, and acceptance into top colleges and universities. Like most Walnut students, I work extremely hard in advanced classes, and feel that the grades I earn are an accurate measure of my academic performance.

Nicholas Cheng
North Avondale

Wants Wildcats to win it all

I would like to comment on the article by Neil Schmidt in the Thursday sports page, "U.K. can be beaten - and here's how." Schmidt needs to get over his blue/white envy and be happy for the Kentucky Wildcats and the great season they have had in 2002-2003. The Cincinnati Bearcats had a terrible year, what's new? Maybe he should be their coach if he knows so much.

Dana Barnard
West Chester

Disgusted by ballpark critique

I am writing to express my disgust at the piece by Marilyn Bauer concerning the architectural review of Great American Ball Park. I find it hard to fathom that this publication would choose to adopt the only available negative slant on the most proactive and positive development our city's riverfront area has seen in 30+ years.

Shame on you for endorsing and dignifying the impossibly demanding criticism of a few disgruntled and unrecognized experts in a field of general unimportance.

The bottom line is this:

Great American Ball Park is a great addition to our city. It brings excitement, positive change, and a revitalizing energy that our city is in desperate need of. It is your duty as our ambassadors of media, not only to report the facts, but to act responsibly and not poison the attitudes of the citizens of Cincinnati for the sake of selling more sensationalized headlines. After a period of darkness in the Queen City, this new ballpark offer a slight window of opportunity for this community to heal and come together again. It should be your vigilant mission to use your leverage as Cincinnati's most influential media outlet to champion and support the few, true positive strides our city is taking to rebuild the pride and union of this community.

Mike Stiegelmeyer
Mount Adams

This architect loves the new ballpark

I read the piece Friday about the architects who toured Great American ("Architects say the ballpark is gaudy"). It was informative and well written.

I didn't see any way for a reader to contact the architects, so could you please on the following letter.

Dear Architects,

I'm a practicing engineer who's worked in architecture/engineering firms for the last 14 years. I'm also a husband and father of four children, a Cincinnati resident, a Reds fan, and I toured Great American Ball Park last weekend with my friends.

In short, I think y'all are way out in left field with your review of the park. We spent hours touring the park, sitting in every section from the outfield to the dugout to the rafter seats. Every view was breathtaking and wonderful, both of the on-field action and of the Cincinnati and Kentucky skylines.

The little features mixed everywhere made for great fun.

The concourses were wide and comfortable.

I could still watch the game while getting a hotdog.

I can't wait to watch fireworks shoot off the smokestacks!

You folks need to get a life and get in touch with the people who are actually paying for the park and who are going to watch our Reds play there.

Dan Howett

Protesters cause hurt to soldiers' families

In response to David Wells' March 28 column "What are we fighting for," my feelings are not of anger toward the individuals protesting against the war. I simply do not understand the disrespect. Regardless of my feelings toward the war I would not publicly demonstrate against the war out of respect for my neighbors that may have a son or daughter fighting for our rights. I understand it is their right to protest but there are other ways to show there discontent. I hope the protesters remember the military man they are seeing on television was once someone's newborn baby, or five-year-old going off to kindergarten, or teen going off to the prom. I think most people that feel anger towards protesters are actually just feeling extreme hurt. The idea you may never see someone you love again and you have to walk through people protesting downtown while someone you love is in living hell.

Nikki Hoffmann

Senior citizens need humanitarian aid too

I firmly agree with the war in Iraq. I firmly agree with helping to rebuild for the people of Iraq after the war. I firmly agree with all of the humanitarian aid that we are trying to get to the Iraq people. I stop agreeing when when we want to give universal health to the whole country when we have senior citizens here in America who cannot afford to eat after they buy their medicine. What is wrong with this picture?

Betty Jauch
Madison Place

Shocked by level of war protests

Barely a week into Operation: Iraqi Freedom and I have already seen the "shock and terror." It was not the bombs on Baghdad, the war crimes that have already been commited, or even the images of hell in Iraq that have shocked me the most. The masses of people still protesting the invasion of Iraq has jolted me beyond belief. Soon after coalition forces entered Iraq, hundreds of people were arrested in California for advancing on police forces merely trying to hold back their march.

People are and should be allowed to voice their opinions and thoughts, that's what makes the U.S. a better and safer place to live than a country like Iraq. People simply need to find different methods of protesting if they see the need to do so. Bashing the president on national television two hours before war breaks out and tossing a grenade into American soldiers' tents are unacceptable methods of protest.

Jerry Williams
West Chester

`Vagina Monologues' not subject of shame

Apparently your Local Voices panelist Russell Thomas is under the impression that "vagina" is a dirty word, to the extent that, when writing to decry the performance of The Vagina Monologues, he refers to it as "The Primary Female Sexual Characteristic."

I can hardly wait for his response to today's Tempo featured article on Viagra, which actually used the word "penis."

Mr. Thomas, vagina and penis are the proper words for human sexual anatomy.

Evil is in the eye of the beholder.

Judy Green
Clifton Heights

Patriotism soiled by thoughtless act

Today I saw an American flag sticker on a car...then a hand reached out of the drivers window and a cigarette butt went flying onto the street. To me that was disturbing.

Unfortunately I see similar events daily. Whether it's cigarette butts, litter, or just general apathy towards concern for our land, America.I love to see the flag flying but I often wonder what it means to those people. I often wonder what they are doing to make this a better America.

Raj Shroff
East Walnut Hills

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