Saturday, March 29, 2003

Stock market game standings

High school composite rankings

The standings as of Thursday, March 27.

High SchoolPortfolio AverageWeekly ReturnTotal Return (Week 5)
1Northwest High School$103,325-1.8%3.3%
2Purcell Marian High School$103,1750.0%3.2%
3Talawanda High School$102,880-0.4%2.9%
4Madeira Sr. High School$102,669-0.4%2.7%
5Indian Hill High School$102,527-0.3%2.5%
6Roger Bacon High School $102,3580.6%2.4%
7Lakota Freshman School$101,7950.6%1.8%
8Loveland High School$101,675-0.2%1.7%
9Peebles High School$101,546-0.2%1.5%
10Ripley-Union-Lewis HS$101,514-4.2%1.5%
11Home Co-op$101,495-0.3%1.5%
12Winton Woods/Greak Oaks$101,310-0.9%1.3%
13Franklin High School$101,0480.6%1.0%
14Harmony Community School$100,7740.0%0.8%
15Waynesville High School$100,533-3.2%0.5%
16Goshen High School$100,428-1.6%0.4%
17Elder High School$100,343-0.6%0.3%
18Mount Healthy High School$100,013-0.5%0.0%
19D. Russel Lee Career Center$100,006-1.9%0.0%
20Springboro High School$99,958-2.2%0.0%
21Finneytown High School$99,772-0.3%-0.2%
22Moeller High School$99,236-1.8%-0.8%
23Fairfield High School$99,216-0.8%-0.8%
24Lakota East High School$98,992-1.2%-1.0%
25Hughes Alternative Center$98,797-0.5%-1.2%
26Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy$98,542-1.4%-1.5%
27Seven Hills School$98,397-0.6%-1.6%
28Sycamore High School$97,674-4.6%-2.3%
29Mariemont High School$97,378-1.1%-2.6%
30Blanchester High School$93,853-2.3%-6.1%
31Anderson High School$93,608-3.7%-6.4%

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