'Chicago' is best, wins 6 Oscars
The musical satire "Chicago" won Best Picture, while top acting honors went to Adrien Brody in "The Pianist" and Nicole Kidman in "The Hours."
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Best, worst of Oscar fashion
More surprises: Brody, Eminem
Polanski's victim says judge his work
Acceptance speeches work in war
Sentimental moment at Oscars
O'Toole graciously accepts honorary award
Oscars spell dollars for best-picture nominees

Tim McGraw's just a hard-workin' superstar
Tim McGraw is one of the few guys in Nashville with the box-office clout to do a national arena tour all by himself. Check out our interview with him and catch him tonight at U.S. Bank Arena.

'Everybody's a winner' in Girls on the Run
Remember the awkwardness and self-consciousness of the preteen years? Girls on the Run of Ohio Inc. offers Tristate preteens something better to remember.

Get to it!
A guide to help make your day.

Best, worst of Oscar fashion
LOS ANGELES - For a supposedly "subdued" Oscars, the diamonds were out in full force for the Academy Awards Sunday night.

Acceptance speeches work in war
LOS ANGELES - With American and British armed forces on the march toward Baghdad, casualties mounting and Americans being held as prisoners of war, the war in Iraq was on the minds of celebrities at the Academy Awards ceremony.
More surprises: Brody, Eminem
LOS ANGELES - Roman Polanski's win as best director was not the only surprise of the night at Sunday's Oscars.
Polanski's victim says judge his work
LOS ANGELES - The survivor of Roman Polanski's decades-old sexual assault says his work should be judged on its merits.
O'Toole graciously accepts honorary award
LOS ANGELES - Peter O'Toole, the elegant Irish actor who has been nominated seven times for best actor but never won, was finally honored Sunday.
Oscars spell dollars for best-picture nominees
LOS ANGELES - Only one film gets the best-picture Academy Award, but all five contenders are reaping fistfuls of cash.
Sentimental moment at Oscars
LOS ANGELES - Among Oscar predictors, sentiment was virtually unanimous that the late cinematographer Conrad L. Hall would win a posthumous award for his spare, elegant work on The Road to Perdition.

'House' brings in most fans
Bringing Down the House led the box office for the third straight weekend, but the overall numbers dropped significantly during the first weekend of the war in Iraq.

Rosanne Cash back after 7-year break
NEW YORK - It's not a good sign when the doctor who has sent a tiny camera attached to a tube down your throat steps back from the picture and says, "Whoa!"
Self-indulgent Clowns do make rap fans smile
Fourteen hundred people packed into Bogart's Friday for an evening of rap music. A clown-faced rapper named Anybody Killa opened the show, followed by 2 Live Crew and the headliners, the Insane Clown Posse.

Exercise helps one cope with world stress
Question: With all the stress from the war in Iraq, a bad economy and taking care of my family, how can I stay motivated to exercise? It doesn't seem as important now.

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