Sunday, March 23, 2003

Creating a wave of support

Tristate reacts to war

[photo] More than 70 U.S. flags fly along a stretch of Old State Route 74 in Mount Carmel to honor soldiers in Iraq.
(Patrick Reddy photo)
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MOUNT CARMEL - Patriotism is flying high in Mount Carmel.

The American Legion Post 72, 4521 Weiner Lane, placed 71 flags along a mile-long stretch of Old Highway 74 off State Route 32.The post faces Old Highway 74.

Ron Gleason, Americanism chairman for the post, was going to take the flags down over the winter, but his commander said, " `Let's get the patriotic spirit moving. Keep them up' '' Gleason said.

The Legion started the project, with cooperation of businesses along the road that donated $50 each and the Union Township (Clermont County) Fire Department, which helped put the flags on poles.

"It took us four Sundays and one Tuesday," Gleason said. "Every time I got out there, the fire department got a call. They'd call me and say they'd be back in a couple of hours."

But the display has struck a chord.

"Everybody comes along and blows the horn whenever you're out there doing things with them," Gleason said. "We want to support the troops. Whether you agree with this (war) or not, they're over there."

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