Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Virtual Chef

Test Boca Chef David Falk's talents

Voting has now closed.

Check next Wednesday's Enquirer for the results, the recipe and the reaction.

You've probably seen those stories or television shows where a chef creates a dish using a few selected ingredients under deadline pressure. Either the chef, an editor or a producer chooses those ingredients.

We're going to try a different approach. Today we begin a new series called Virtual Chef that allows you to choose the ingredients that a chef has to use to make a dish.

Here's how it works: Until noon Thursday, you can vote online for your favorite ingredients. The list is limited, but the items are all common staples found at home or the grocery.

We'll compile the votes and turn the grocery list over to our first Virtual Chef, David Falk, who owns Boca restaurant in Northside. We'll give Falk a few hours to think about it, then he'll create a dish "live" for us Friday morning at his restaurant.

Here's where it gets even better: If you give your name and phone number when you vote for a "virtual ingredient," we might call or e-mail you to come watch the chef create his dish. (And taste it, too.)

Tune in next Wednesday to see what the Virtual Chef concocts with your ingredients.

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