Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Real Style

Poet picks clothes with rhyme, reason

By Joy Kraft
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Though Dawn Crooks-Edmonson wears a lot of hats - as student, coordinator and poet - she always looks "put together and never wears the same thing twice," says nominator and co-worker Jill Gietzen.

The Xavier student from Forest Park is studying for her master's degree in English, coordinates the on-site MBA program at General Electric, and writes and performs poetry.

The 29-year-old's ultimate goal is to be dean of an arts and sciences university program, but first she intends to take a year off (after her December graduation) to concentrate on getting her first book of poetry published.

"I have a lot of work ahead of me. I'm on a 10-year plan. I still have to get a doctorate and the administrative and classroom experience I need."

All this work leaves her little time for shopping.

You can be found shopping at: I'm a catalog junkie - Spiegel, Lerner, Eddie Bauer. I send them a lot of money. And I do a lot of vintage shopping at Goodwill. You have to pick through things, but there's a lot of good stuff.

Describe your style: One of my friends says I dress like a display-window mannequin - neat, everything matches. It looks like everything has been put together the night before. And it has. That's what I do..

Earliest fashion memory: I had 11 aunts and a mother and two grandmas, so I was around women a lot. From the time I was 6, I became familiar with "the mall" and women's day out.

Your best bargain: I just had one of the best shopping experiences of my life. Because I am a preferred Spiegel customer, I got 50 percent off about $800, and that was 12 outfits.

Signature style: I'm good at mixing and matching. People say, "Is that new?" I can go a whole month without repeating an outfit but I'm just good at mixing and matching.

If you had big bucks you'd buy: I really think when you mature to a certain age you ought to have a full-length fur coat, maybe at 35 or 40-ish. But if I could get one today, I would.

Fashion philosophy: I have learned two things. No. 1, just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it. And no pleated pants. They don't look good on anybody.

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