Sunday, March 16, 2003

What's the Buzz?

Harry Potter meets the opera

The Cincinnati Opera is featuring Mary GrandPre in the artwork for its 2003 Summer Festival brochure.

That might not mean much to you bottom-line types. But if you have any contact at all with third- or fourth-graders, here's a hint: Harry Potter.

GrandPre was the designer for the Harry Potter series, one of the hottest trends going in books and movies. It's even landed her on the cover of Time magazine. For the opera, she's featured in the subscriber brochure sent to 115,000 Tristate homes last week.

The opera looked at dozens of artists for the assignment, looking for something "beautiful, magic and thrilling," marketing director Chris Milligan said.

"Mary's illustrations convey these qualities and much more - they are intriguing, mysterious, emotional and inviting," he said.

The images will appear not only on the subscription brochure, but on season posters, billboards, print ads and the opera's Internet site.

The opera's Summer Festival starts in mid-June. See for details.

Cliff Peale

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What's the Buzz?