Wednesday, March 12, 2003

How they rated

The Taste Team rated the following pepperoni pizzas on appearance, flavor and texture of crust and topping and overall flavor. (Highest possible score: 100.) Retail prices are in ( ).

1. Meijer Self-Rising Crust

Average score: 87.

Price: 14.5 cents per ounce ($4.50).

Comments: Crispy crust. Spicy. Tastes like homemade.

2. Kroger Self-Rising Crust

Average score: 86.

Price: 16.2 cents per ounce ($5.19).

Comments: Great pepperoni. Balanced flavors. Soft crust.

3. (Tie) Freschetta

Average score: 75.

Price: 21.3 cents per ounce ($5.99).

Comments: Tastes better than it looks. Good amount of cheese. Sauce not sweet enough.

Tombstone Original

Average score: 75.

Price: 14.2 cents per ounce ($3).

Comments: Bland sauce. Crispy crust. Needs more cheese.

5. DiGiorno Rising Crust

Average score: 74.

Price: 21.3 cents per ounce ($5.99).

Comments: Heavy meat flavors - flavors don't blend. Not enough sauce. Tasteless crust.

6. Red Baron Bake-to-Rise Crust

Average score: 66.

Price: 17.2 cents per ounce ($4.99).

Comments: Weak flavors. Poor quality cheese. Crust too dense.

7. Tony's Super Rise Crust

Average score: 43.

Price: 22.8 cents per ounce ($4.79).

Comments: Artificial sauce flavor. Chewy crust. Bumpy, irregular crust.

8. Totino's

Average score: 38.

Price: 10.5 cents per ounce ($1.79).

Comments: Nothing tastes real. Greasy. Salty.

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