Wednesday, March 12, 2003

War letters: Pro & con

Public should support troops doing their duty

We all wonder what's going to happen in Iraq. But as a disabled Vietnam veteran, I hope the American public will support our soldiers, who will not ask why, but will do their duty no matter what.

Do not question their devotion. They have committed themselves to our country. God bless and be with our sons and daughters.

Jimmy P. Stephens, Downtown

U.S. invasion poses perplexing questions

A U.S invasion of Iraq will divide Americans with conflicting values about the following major questions:

Do the moral ends of democratizing Arab states justify the use of immoral means, war?

If the exercise of American might produces military victory in Iraq, will that make the war right?

Does a doctrine of U.S. primacy in world affairs violate the fundamental Madisonian principle of our own constitutional system that ambition must be made to counter ambition?

Howard Tolley, Jr., Clifton,
UC Professor of Political Science

Anti-war protestors depend on emotion

What amazes me about the anti-war protesters is not that they depend on emotion to base their decisions, but that they would deny the Iraqi people the same rights they enjoy.

Imagine what would happen to a group in Iraq that decided to publicly protest. I am sure their shouts of protest would not be heard over the machine gun fire, much less paid any attention to by the Iraqi press.

Sure war is an ugly undertaking, but those who oppose it are far uglier in their denial of basic human rights to those the Iraqi regime represses.

Robert Schmidt, Deer Park

Make opposition to war known

It certainly appears now that we will be going to war with Iraq, whether the people of the Untied States and the world like it or not. The fact that millions people protested and that millions more oppose the war cannot be ignored.

In London, 2 million people marched, and Tony Blair still doesn't plan to change his position on supporting a war in Iraq. I am a member of Not In Our Name, a nonprofit, anti-war group that can be joined at www.nion.us.

I urge all in opposition to conflict in Iraq and war anywhere to go online and sign this petition and become a member of this organization.

Nat Miller, Sophomore, Cincinnati County Day School

Without support, let's not rush to war

There is no such thing as a positive war, but the last century or so has demonstrated that the most just wars we have fought have been favored by huge international support - World War II is a perfect example.

Our current situation involves neither this international support nor domestic unity, and the consequences of fighting a war under these circumstances should be considered (dare I mention Vietnam). This is not necessarily an anti-Bush view, merely a moderate, pensive stance on an issue that has been dealt with neither moderately nor pensively by our current administration.

Craig Matasick, Madeira

Patriots can question their country too

I am writing in response to the letter "Many have forgotten devotion to country" (March 9). The letter writer states that it bothers her how those who showed their patriotism more than a year ago are now opposing a war on Iraq, and while blind patriotism may be good for the Bush administration, it is devastating to the world.

People who are proud to be American and those who will never forget should be opposing war on Iraq. We saw the devastation that occurs when a nation is militarily attacked, and we would not like to see that brought about in other nations.

After 9/11, everyone suddenly decided to rally behind our leader. Unfortunately, President Bush has used the fear instilled in us after Sept. 11 to help push his plans for war in Iraq. Terror warning levels, which are based on "intelligence," are used to cause more fear.

The letter writer seems to find it unpatriotic to question what our government does. I find it unpatriotic not to.

Kyle Gebhart, Liberty Township

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War letters: Pro & con
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