Sunday, March 9, 2003

Good News

School's adults keep bargain

The highlight of the jubilation at Wyoming High School Friday was Principal Ken Baker getting a Mohawk haircut on stage at an assembly.

The trim was done by his wife, Debbie, sons Eric and Brent and social studies teacher Todd Siler, dressed up as Britney Spears.

The celebration marked the end of a fund-raiser for Crayons to Computers, a free store for teachers.

Ken Baker, principal of Wyoming High School, grimaces as his hair is cut into a Mohawk by social studies teacher Todd Siler, dressed as Britney Spears.
(Gary Landers photo)
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Baker said he couldn't renege on getting the Mohawk because he made a promise to the students who set a goal to raise $5,000.

Baker's promise set off a chain reaction. What started as a project, collecting supplies, turned into a major fund raiser, said Kathy Ryan, assistant principal, who dressed as a clown at the assembly.

"I think everybody sort of lost their mind," Ryan said. "We saw the need for Crayons to Computers, but then a lot of spirit was generated, maybe because everybody's been so cooped up with the bad weather."

Tony Gentry, boys basketball coach, emceed the ceremony Friday morning.

It included Andrew Felczan, chemistry teacher, dressed as a tiger; Jane Rotsching, math teacher, with cornrows; Mark Lampe, English teacher, with a purple beard; Michael Leal, Spanish teacher, dressed as Hulk Hogan; Tim Burke, math teacher, dressed in a kilt and playing bagpipes.

Athletic director Jim Barre and brother Bernie Barre, head football coach, had pies splashed in their face by two football captains; Brittany Ballard paraded as Prom Queen Barbie; Keith Lehman, English teacher, shocked the students by revealing that he had shaved off a beard he wore for 15 years.

Don Furlong, English teacher, came on stage dressed as a ballerina; Veronica Robinson, math teacher, dressed as a chicken and led the audience in a chicken dance, Ultan Killean, chairman of the math department, had his ears pierced.

The ceremony ended with Debbie Baker starting the mohawk trim on principal Baker.

Baker didn't think the students would raise $5,000, not with the economy as it is, he said.

They raised $5,600 and collected $1,000 of supplies - everything from glue sticks to computers.

"I might keep the mohawk," he said. "It looks pretty good."

Shannon Carter, founder of Crayons to Computers, received a check for $5,600.

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