Tuesday, March 4, 2003

'Easy but elegant' fits mom just fine

By Joy Kraft
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Leslie Baggish of Mariemont is a self-confessed clothes addict.

"I always think I have enough, then I'll be darned if I don't find that I don't," says the stay-at-home mom, a native Californian who came to Cincinnati about nine years ago via Chicago. She found a line of plus-size clothes - Elena by Tanner - she likes so much that she hosts trunk shows four times a year for the designs.

"Leslie always carries herself with flare and distinction, always looks put together and hip and though she says she's a plus-size, we never see her in anything one would traditionally associate with a plus-size (i.e. frumpy)" writes nominator Anne Sesler.

You can be found shopping at: Saks' Salon Z, Fig Leaf in Hyde Park, Stein Mart, Target, TJ Maxx. And I buy a lot of what I sell.

Describe your style: Comfortable and easy but elegant. I like to just throw something on that's sleek and elegant.

Best bargain: An Ungaro wool gabardine salmon pink jacket I bought in California at Ross for $45, marked down from $550.

Pet peeve: Women or people who wear things that are too tight or too big.

You wouldn't be caught dead in: White shorts. I think my legs are starting to look like roadmaps and need to be covered.

Your favorite finishing touch: Nice jewelry, preferably pearls.

Sentimental clothing: My mother made me a green zip-front bathrobe when I was 18, and when I feel sick or unloved or whatever, I put it on and it works magic.

Earliest fashion memory: When I was 6 and my sister was 8, we got Easter dresses with big poufy skirts and we each wore three stiff petticoats that made the skirt practically parallel to the ground.

Your biggest splurge: I had a black leather dress made to fit by a designer in New York about five years ago. I still wear it and still love having it.

If you had big bucks you'd buy: The entire Elana collection every season. There are about 147 pieces each season.

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