Monday, March 3, 2003

Personal Trainer

Sport will give workout focus, bigger challenge

By Dave Patania

Question: I usually love working out, but I have periods where it is extremely boring, no matter what I do. What do you suggest?

Answer: I maintain that, for fitness, people should get involved with new/challenging activities or rediscover old activities. Rather than lifting weights and exercising for the age-old quest for good looks or weight loss, get involved in an activity that will challenge you to break out of comfort zones, meet people and enrich your mind and soul.

Having an activity or sport to train for, lift weights for, eat right for and set goals for is a great way to take your overall conditioning to the next level. With emphasis at perfecting movements and skills for a particular activity, you will have a beyond-cosmetics purpose for your workouts.

For example, I raced BMX bicycles from ages 13-16. I quit to concentrate on high school and college football. After my college football career, I started training and bodybuilding but got bored with just lifting weights and wanted to do something other than trying to get muscular.

A few years ago, I decided to get back into BMX and bought a bike. My friends and family laughed and wondered why a grown man would start riding little BMX bikes. I listened only to myself and kept riding and practicing and started racing again. In just two years I went from getting laughed at to racing on the national level and signing with a national team. I now lift, eat right and train for all aspects of my sport, which gives me a lot more motivation for the gym, how I eat and how I train. I am in the best shape of my life. In addition, when I am having a bad day, I can grab my bike, go riding with friends and all the stress from my day disappears. It is a blessing to have an activity that enhances all aspects of my being.

If lifting weights or the basic fitness routine doesn't give you that feeling, get involved with a new or old activity and give it everything you have. The payoff will come in many forms other than just how you look.

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