Saturday, March 1, 2003

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Challenge those who tell 'big lie'

TO THE EDITOR: "The big lie" is a propaganda technique that was tweaked and adjusted to perfection by perhaps the two greatest enemies mankind has ever had to suffer: Lenin and Hitler.

Yesterday on CSPAN, I watched Democratic candidate for president, Gov. Howard Dean of Vermont declare his opposition to our "unilateral" upcoming attack on Iraq. The "unilateral" mantra is as big a lie as has ever come down the pike.

Am I accusing Dean of telling big lies? Absolutely! And if he's not intentionally lying, then he must be a dunce. Think I'm being too hard on him? On the Jan. 30, eight European leaders wrote an unprecedented letter to the Wall Street Journal declaring support for the United States' position.

The letter was signed by the Prime Ministers of Spain, Portugal, Italy, The United Kingdom, Hungary, Poland, and Denmark; and the President of the Czech Republic. We have many other supporters. This hardly makes our position unilateral.

Scott L. Smith, Delhi Township


Article XII guards against special rights

There has been much talk recently about Article XII, those opposed to it state that they merely want gays, bisexuals and others to have the same rights as everyone else. However, when analyzed objectively, Article XII ensures that this subsection of our population doesn't get rights that are not available to others. Consider a black person who owns a small business. Should they be obliged to hire a virulent white bigot? I think not. Therefore, should someone who does not want to associate with a gay or bisexual be obligated to hire them either? The answer is no, also.

It is true that it is illegal to discriminate based on the factors of gender and race. The difference of course is, the Supreme Court has made gender and race protected classes. The Court has consistently declined to make gay individuals members of a protected class. Until the Court does so, Article XII remains perfectly appropriate and legal.

Paul J. Nugent, Hyde Park


Victims abused by Church's response

I am a Catholic who is sickened and outraged by the Diocese of Covington's legal response regarding those poor children victimized by their abusers. How can a child be responsible for some sick adult and their deviant actions?

The Church said, "The plaintiff may have assumed a known and obvious risk..." A mere child would know the "obvious risk" of a sexual predator?

I hope the victims who have come forward remain strong. I hope the victims afraid to come forward can find the strength to do so. I pray for these children/adults. I want justice for the unrepentant abusers and those that harbor them and their dirty secrets. We have to remember, these were children, robbed of their innocence and scarred for the rest of their lives. Who will help and defend them?

Colleen Greenwell, Sharonville


Minority views deserve to be heard

Responding to Xavier University President Mike Graham's Feb. 28 guest column ("Learning to hear the sounds of diversity"): It is refreshing to hear that the Rev. Graham listens and hears the ideas and opinions of others. Just recently, I received communication via e-mail, regarding prayer in schools and the posting of the Ten Commandments, that suggested that the 14 percent minority should just "sit down and shut up." While, it is true that the majority does rule, in most case, the minority of any belief should at least be heard and respected.

To do less is a disregard of all upon which our country was founded.

Betty Bryant, Villa Hills


Bridge replacement is a costly span

Half a billion dollars for one bridge ("Bridge replacement: Funding strategy" Feb. 24)? You must be kidding. With that kind of money we could build another stadium.

Charles E. Gray, Cold Spring


Rec centers are good investments

I wanted to comment about Tony Lang's editorial memo entitled "Show us the return" (Feb. 28). In addressing the City Council's decision to borrow $6.5 million to fix the city's rec centers, Mr. Lang asks "Know any playgrounds that contribute to the city's shrinking tax base? What are we investing in?" My response is that we are investing in our children.

The rec centers are used by latch-key children whose parent or parents work and pay taxes. The rec centers provide shelter and safety when schools are closed and parents have to work.

We are a "government of the people, by the people, for the people." President Lincoln's Gettysburg speech did not say that we are a government looking for a return on investment, private jobs, and profit.

Rick Wilson, Mount Washington

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